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  • Moving the forum

    Ok I'll be moving the forum next week. It'll be down for maybe a week maybe longer.

    I wont know where Im going to put it but I can contact you all to say where it is.

    Hope that makes sense.

    See you on the other side... <- Changed URL

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    Yo Serm,

    What you need to run this site? From tech point of view I mean? I might be able to provide us free hosting for this forum, but it might go until January since Xmas is pretty close. When I know the requirements I can start to contact my nerd buddies all around


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      I need a php scripting mysql database and about 20 gigs of bandwith a month. <- Changed URL


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        Ok, I&#39;ll see what I can do...


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          wish i still had my linuxbox running here, but we moved it to another place. i have 10mbit fullduplex, no limit what so ever. from song networks, not bbb, so i have good routing. buy me a server&#33;


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            Hey, I talked with two parties about this and both were wondering how you can create 20 gigs traffic with two forums? Unfortunately all the traffic is abroad and this is why both ones said no can do.

            I checked one reliable Finnish hosting company and they provide hosting with php, mysql + everything you need with 25GB traffic for 25 euros/month. Sounds pretty decent to me...