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  • Bournemouth digging

    Ok tomorrow I am setting off on 4 days of stag related mayhem in the hopefully sunny seaside town of Bournemouth.

    Does anyone know of any good spots down that way, our hotel is pretty close to the main town area and I will have my car but I am not intending on doing much driving


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    Boscombe is the best place to go, it's a couple of miles outside or Bournemouth and has a huge number of charity shops plus four second hand record shops. It's basically one long road so I usually just wander down one side hitting all the shops and then return on the other side.

    In Bournemouth itself there are two second hand record shops by The Triangle. One's called Triangle Records and my minds gone completely blank on what the other one is called but it's literally on the Triangle. It's big and easy to find. Bournemouth's not that good though. Boscombe's the place to go if you have a spare afternoon.

    I live in Poole BTW and the weather is apparently going to be good at the weekend.


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      Try to go to Consortium (bar/nightclub) on Friday night - it's either a funk or hip hop night and should be a right laugh. In fact, it might be scottish scratch demon Krash Slaughta this Friday. Howie B's playing there over the weekend too - Sunday I think. If you get to Boscombe, there's a second hand record store on a side road off the main road where the racks are stuffed completely to bursting - if you get a chance, talk the staff into letting you look at the stuff on the shelf behind the counter. That was much more interesting when I was there - and not priced up yet either ...
      We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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        Thanks guys,

        not sure how much spare time I will get in between the drinking and other 'activities' . The bar/club sounds good I'll see if I can convince anyone to go, Howie B would be good too but I think the rest of the evenings will be more broad ranged to accomdate everyone.


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          Avid is the other shop in The Triangle ... usually some nice bits to be found, if not quite as cheap as they used to be ...

          There's a hip hop shop - the name of which escapes me - on the hill leading out of town (guess what - I can't remember the name of that either) that had a few bins of charity type material going cheap too ...

          Must check the Boscombe shop next time I'm down that way - sounds interesting ...

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