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  • Norman newell.

    I dunno if this has been mentioned (can't see any references in any previous threads) , but the great producer/arranger/musician Norman Newell sadly passed away on the first of December. Involved in so many VV fave lp's he was a master of his craft. And will be missed.
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    Very sorry to hear this - the Norman Newell name on an LP was usually the sign of a quality product. He'd been unwell for some time, and sadly his health meant he couldn't pick up an award from the Queen in the last honours list, but he was very pleased to get one, anyway.

    Didn't he have something to do with Mandingo? He did most of Geoff Love's stuff certainly.

    On a happier note - long time no see, Mundayschild! Where have you been? Hope all's well, and you'll be putting in a few more appearances here!