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  • Anyone know if

    David Robinson (Eddie Bo) - I'm A Carpenter has been comped on anything?

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    Funky Jams VIII Hubbub Records, 1997
    It ain't shakey


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      was it not on a Soul Patrol comp too? it's definitely on the *classic* cheapo 4CD comp 'Big Payback'.
      Chops for show, groove for dough.


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        just feel obliged to note how killer that record is. What a shocker. Lawks a lawdy.

        Nick - whutup with your funk night? Be in touch about what thursday of the month you choose, as liam and I might stay on at the asylum for a bit, having quit, but then having had the deal renegotiated (i.e. drinks, cabs + money as opposed to sweet FA). It would be shit to clash.... So Bring It up might return, refreshed and newly in pocket, for a few more rounds of full spectrum dominance musical entertainment. I will keep you posted...


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          The live bands will be on the first and third Thursdays of the month. There may be a DJ version of Fresh Brillo on one of the spare Thursdays, haven't decided what to do on the Thurs left over - maybe give it over to something non-funky, like all that wishy washy Lemon Jelly mobile phone advert bollocks, not sure yet - but I'll synch that spare in with your nite if possible, that way, every Thurs will be hot!


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            What about a soundtrack night on the spare thurs...
            put on a film & someone plays along to it I've done this a couple of times & it's wicked fun!
            have they got a video projector there?


            Go on wit'cha bad elf


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              Not on a Thursday dude! That's strictly a Sun/Mon deal!


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                our do is and will remain the 2nd thursday of every month, so that fits very well.

                and back to the subject of david robinson, anybody see what it went for on evilbay? ouch, that stings. who has that kind of money? who are these bone-collectors?


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                  It didn't meet the reserve price or something cos it got re-listed. The first audtion ended at around the 250 mark I think, now it's up again and its around the 130 mark... Jesus, how much does this record usually go for then?

                  Incidentally, for anyone who hasn't heard it, it sounds v.similar to Can I Be Your Squeeze. I figured I could work some kind of nifty mix of the two if I had a copy of Carpenter - but forget about the OG!


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (Nick Cope @ 23 May 2003,12:36)]Incidentally, for anyone who hasn't heard it, it sounds v.similar to Can I Be Your Squeeze. I figured I could work some kind of nifty mix of the two if I had a copy of Carpenter - but forget about the OG!
                    Our esteemed colleague Jay Stirland has tried that trick a few times.

                    I think the backing track could well be the same, even.


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                      it went for round about the £450 mark, hence the ouch remark. But thats ridiculous, it should not be priced at anything near that, although you can guarantee that crafty eyes were peeping, and if it does show up on a list with an extra £100 on the regular price, whichever fighting cocks made it £450 are probably to blame. Why can't these records be a normal price? This type of thing is exactly whats put me right off even looking at funk, let alone buying it any more... These people should put their wallets away and spend that money on holidays or beautiful ladies or something, instead of dinosaur bones, human skulls and nuggets of purest gold. Ok, records sometimes cost money, but that is once again beyond the pale from the funk scene, like the arthur monday affair and the classic 'timothy mcnealy incident'. recent Mulatu and Billy Wooten ebay nuttiness (both reaching near or just over the $1000 mark) should also get a mention here, but I blame that more on weird break nerds and jazz tweakers, rather than flesheating funk45 zombies, who have in this case proved yet again that they are apparently even more eager to part with their cash than the proverbial fool. Of course, I'm partly just bitter, because the whole thing has become priced way out of the range of yer honest record buyer (i.e. me), and its these type of mad zombies that are the reason. Somebody should make a film about it called 7dayAuction Later, and set it in Chelmsford. Anyway, all the same, £450 on a record probably worth half that tops even today, which didn't even meet the £250 reserve on its first listing... come on now.

                      And yes, the backing track is indeed the same as 'squeeze', identical. Its just another cut on the rhythm track, + bass (and goodness me that bassline is chunky), and not only has mr stirland done that but it seems to form a regular element in adrian gibsons sets too. Eddie Bo did that backing track re-use thing a couple of times, like on little buck's cut to 'lover and a friend'. He was a bad bad man.


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                        You mean bad as in good, right? You hip-hop guys...

                        Squeeze and Carpenter don't have the same backing track, surely? Are they not just similar to the point of being ... the same. I'll have to dig 'em out and check. Oooooooo-weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
                        There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...