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    There’s a record up on the wall of my regular spot by a Scottish jazz group called Head and the albums called Red Dwarf, its on Canon Records.
    Its a really nice album but its priced up at £40 which is a lot of cash for me. I would usualy hold on for a cheaper copy but the store owner (who I trust) assures me that its raer and I’d be lucky to see it again and then if I do it would be way more expensive.

    Has anybody got any idea what price this would usually go for? Is £40 really the bargain I’m being told it is?

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    It is damn rare - I think that may be the one that Andrew Divine had to get a copy off one of the members of the band (they were Glaswegian) - he's got all three of their LPs and from the bits I've heard they are very nice Placebo / Nucleus type grooves - he'll be able to tell you more - Mr D?
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      Having failed Sie Vulture in Greg's thread... One of these sold on the 'Bay for just under £40 recently. So I guess you wouldn't be fleeced (I think I can guess the shop it's in ) and a bird in the hand and all that...
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        I've spied this LP listed for sale from a UK shop for a ton - get in!
        Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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          I hate Red Dwarf the TV series


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            I totally agree with Nick on the TV series - fookin rubbish and that hair metal theme tune
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              ......especially that tw*t, C***g C*****s *@##% @!!
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                As LDJB has helpfully pointed out, they were a Glaswegian jazz-rock group in the Nucleus style who made 3 albums.

                The first is called "GTF" (a charming Glasgow abbreviation for "Get Tae F...") on SRT records (which is a pressing company, so most things on this label can be considered private pressings) in 1973, I think. Red Dwarf is on Cannon from 1975, and the last LP was called Blackpool Cool released on their own Head Records in 1977. The first is more jazz, the last is more rock...

                Yesterday (I kid you not) my spare copy of Red Dwarf was returned to me by a record dealer who's going into semi-retirement (any guesses?), so if you've got any trades drop me a PM or email...
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                  Just got back from the record store and after giving the record another play I decided to make the purchase.

                  It’s a seriously good record and I really surprised it isn’t more well know.

                  I bought it off Really Good Records in Plymouth and he’s the guy who won the last copy on ebay. He was minting up his own copy (not that there’s really anything wrong with his old one, which is now mine).

                  Nice Placebo style tunes on this one and a nice drum break which is a bonus if your into that kind of thing .

                  I would recommend anyone to get their trade on with Mr Divine as this record is (in the words of Really Good Mike) ‘dope’.