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Peculiar record listings???

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  • Peculiar record listings???

    I've been having a look at the latest listings on an infamous online mailorder gaff, and noticed what to me was some rather odd prices.

    One in particular actually. I'ld usually raise this at the df board, but what the hey.

    What's the coup with this 45?

    Top Hat & Little Jeff - Mississippi Bump @ £250

    The dude goes on to say it's as rare as hens teeth and particularly in such minty condition. Well I've got a minty copy and I thought it was a £10 rekkid.

    Like was done with the Priscilla Price 45 on the df board, how many copies of this are floating around? Is it a rare'un and I've been wrong all these years, or is it a load of balony, the listing at £250, and there's multiple copies floating about?
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    C'mon Rich Hero... this is your territory, surely...

    I dunno it myself Greg...
    If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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      Originally posted by Sie Vulture
      C'mon Rich Hero... this is your territory, surely...
      You flatter me Sie - I've no idea!

      That said, the dealer in question occasionally frequents this board so he'll probably read this thread sooner or later. If so, it was a FRENCH Decca 45, not UK...
      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.