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anyone want a pink mini ipod before Xmas?

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  • anyone want a pink mini ipod before Xmas?

    just in case anyone has a last minute Xmas gift to get and needs to cop a pink Mini iPod (hot hot hot, all sold out at the mo), this place seems to be the only place in the UK that has 'em in stock - they'll be gone by Saturday lunchtime, they had a delivery this arvo.
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    Good work Ed.

    Mrs Del Toffo has been dropping serious hints about this piece of electronic frippery for a few weeks now and it's her birthday on 22nd.

    I just scored an iPod via your link so I should be receiving some major brownie points over Christmas, and if not I'll hogtie her with tinsel and show her some alternative uses for a turkey baster. Ungrateful bint.
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