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For you car buffs, Ford 2005 Mustang GT commercial with Steve McQueen

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  • For you car buffs, Ford 2005 Mustang GT commercial with Steve McQueen

    Ford Motor Company in the USA and Canada are selling a re-designed 2005 Ford Mustang that harkens back to the older late 60s versions. They've also come up with a new commercial spot that pays homage to the 1968 movie "Bullitt" which starred Steve McQueen (deceased in 1980), and it also prominently featured a 1968 Ford Mustang fastback.

    In this spot called "Cornfield", done in the spirit of the 1989 movie "Field of Dreams", a farmer carefully bulldozes a special path in hopes of fulfilling a promise. Soon the path is paved with asphalt, and a racecourse emerges in the middle of the cornfield. At dusk, the farmer pulls open big red barn doors to reveal a new silver Mustang GT. He drives onto the track and to the starting line, then stops and gets out of the car. Cornstalks begin to sway as a man approaches from deep within the field. Steve McQueen makes a special appearance. He looks at the Mustang. The farmer tosses him the keys and McQueen drives the new Mustang off into the sunset with music in the background from the original "Bullitt" movie. This music has a slightly funky/jazz suspense feel to it, and it was composed by Lalo Schifrin. The opening music is anticipatory orchestral, I don't know if it's a library track or not but it certainly sounds like it is.

    Click on the below URL, the video opens in its' own viewer on the left side:

    I really want one of these!
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    It's a pretty cool commercial, but the real star is the new Mustang. Stylings of the mid to late '60s models, but sleeker, and it looks great. I'm dying to take a test drive, and I'm really considering buying one next year when the lease is up on the Honda. A nice test drive of a five speed model, and I could easily be sold!