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Brillo / VV donations for charity Ebays for tsunami?

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  • Brillo / VV donations for charity Ebays for tsunami?

    question for you. would anyone be interested in donating one (or more) of their vinyl trades for a Brillo / VV Ebay auction for the Asian tsunami appeal?

    this isn't about your heavyweight trades - just one five or ten quid record from all the usual suspects on here could raise a couple of hundred quid.

    i'll do the collating and ebaying/postage if there's enough interest to get this going. all the usernames and passwords for ebay and paypal accounts will be shared so everyone involved can see what's been going through.

    if it's a goer, maybe we can organise vinyl pickups at the next brillos?
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    yeah no problem send me your addy again and I'll send something up - might be better if I just send you a CD promo or two, easier to sell. Trying to sort out a big event down in Bristol for Feb...potentially got a nice big venue for nothing, anyway....
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      I'd chuck a few Lps in for this too. Got a number of LPs with 4 or 5 spares which I'm sure I don't need.

      A good friend of mine left his lodgings on some beach in Thailand roughly 5 mins before the first wave to get a bus inland. Took me 36 hours to get in touch with him, but he's fine and feeling very lucky indeed.

      Nice one Ed.
      Matt Hero


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        Good idea Ed.

        Count me in. Just let me know full details when you have them.
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          Yeah, PM me your addy Ed & I'll send some spares over

          Me & the girl were supposed to be spending Xmas in Thailand but cancelled due to work commitments - going at the end of Jan now - not sure what to expect....
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            thanks everyone. looks like we have a plan.

            here's the lowdown:

            1. have a look through your trades and pick out a bit or two that you'd like to donate. no need to send anything heavy, but please try to make sure that it'll definitely sell on ebay (no Ron Goodwins for example!)

            2. post a message on this thread to say that you'd like to donate and I'll send you a PM with the address to send the records/CDs/books/whatever to. to save you the cost/hassle of posting stuff, we'll also collect any donations at the January Brillo. please clearly mark somewhere inside your donation parcels with your VV name, your real name and that it's a donation for the auction.

            3. all items will be placed on ebay with a clear message stating that it's a charity auction from Brillo and VV.

            4. anyone who wants to see the final results and log in to check the account statuses just PM me and i'll send over the account details for a special ebay account and a special paypal account that will be set up specifically for this auction.

            we'll set the opening bids at a pound for everything, no reserve. all unsold items will be given to a specified charity shop (details will be posted here).

            if you'd like to make improvements or have any comments just post 'em up! if we helped get the cash together for this forum then we can raise a few quid through the power of vinyl!

            thanks for your help and have a good New Year.
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              I'm in.
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                Ed - please give me your address and I'll send down something for the pot.
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                  What about left over Xmas mixes or mixes in general? There's plenty of people here with the name, record collection and skills to sell mixes on ebay no problem. Expecially for something like this.


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                    fair point blighty - i think it's easier if we stick to records or CDs though.
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                      Count me in too
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                        I'll sort same stuff out.
                        Give us a shout on the details & Ill get 'em out.
                        Good work.
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                          So does the VV "don't bid against each other rule" still apply.

                          Seriously though this is an excellent idea - to be honest I am not sure I have much that would be a guaranteed seller so was more likely to drop my excess stuff into the Oxfam book and record shop a friend of mine manages (along with some straight folding green). I could send you a list and you could let me know what's worth donating but that might be too much hassle.

                          And in other news my mate who was in Malaysia has turned up ok -the bit that got badly hit was where he went with his lady last year.
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                            I'm in too.


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                              Count me in.. Good idea Ed.
                              Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...