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Jil Kirkland "Katrina" SA 7" value ?

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  • Jil Kirkland "Katrina" SA 7" value ?

    Just stumbled across a 7" OST single to a south African movie called "Katrina".

    It's from 1969, but alas appears to be rather bland vocal stuff. Apparently the movie deals with apartheid and the single charted for a few weeks in '69.

    It's on the Trutone label and has a picture sleeve. .. which I'd probably post if I had a scanner to hand.

    Couldn't find any info on this anywhere on the 'net. . .wondering if this is something I should put up for auction or just dump right back in the charity shop it emerged from ? I'm guessing it's probably worthless, but just wanted to check. . .

    Cheers for any knowledge offered.