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    I'm in the process/need to drastically trim down my collection to get out of the massive debt i'm in, due to my first baby being on it's way.

    I have just sold Ray Frazier on Stanson for £500 & it broke my heart, but as Divine said, I have both tracks recorded onto CD & they sound fine, I barely ever play out so whats the point in having orig 45s??

    Boo hoo, i'm soo fookin sad, waaahhhhh!!!!


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      I keep turning over all my records , but always end up with more. I really quite enjoy hunting down things I've had before. Saves forming any unhealthy attachments to any given slab of plastic.

      The upside of having extra cash is I can use it for moral blackmail on the dear lady wife along the lines of - 'if you don't let me look in every charity shop in this town we won't be able to have that holiday/dress/other wifely thing I promised you'.

      Means I can indulge and be relatively free of those deep sighs and shuffling feet that appear behind you as you lean to pray to the vinyl crate god in Save the Children.
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        I find flicking through the large pile of recent, hardly played records is the best way to distract myself from the horror of getting rid of stuff.

        Anyway I have no great divesting myself of either crap records or very valuable ones but its mediocre ones that are the problem. Tones which are quite good and worth having but just not nearly as good as the best ones. There's only so many hours in the day so some of them have to go.
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          I've just moved house and so spent some time before Christmas sifting through a loft full of records and ended up selling about 500 12"s and LP's that we would all clasify as "surplus to requirements". At some point, they must have registered as "mediocre" in my mind, but 3 years on since they went up into the loft, they had to go...

          I made a bunch of cash selling them in bulk. Walked out of the record shop and spuffed all ( and I mean *all* ) the money on records in the shop across the street... D'oh! ( nothing changes, eh? )

          The only good thing about moving house is that it is an opportunity to have a good rummage through some of the crap you've stashed in the loft over the years... It also helps if you are "downizing rapidly" as I have just done as that means you have to be pretty ruthless... grrr!

          If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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            Just downsized myself and its a painfull experience. Not the fact of getting rid of stuff (that will be coming) but where to put it all until some boxes get cleared! The other half is clamering for space and my boxes are everywhere....

            Did find some good bits though in the initial packaging up - couple of 12"s not seen for many moons which I'd thought were lost whilst out on some shakey session Also a small collection of regae 7's not seen the light of day for 10 years but sound sooo good now - it was worth the back pain issues I guess
            Time to say peace...