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  • Pigeon hole my record collection

    Well, its New Year so its time for the grand filing of the records. Normally, I'm phobic about that and prefer the semi-random mess I've got at the minute. But, being between jobs and not having anything better to do, I'm trying to get all those piles of charity purchaes into some semblance of order but failing dismally. I'm pretty sure a-z won't work cos there's so much I don't think of by name, more 'that groovy one with the Mozart gone coffee club' at the mo I'm opting for a loose genre type thing. The problem being that it leaves me with crap genres such as 'groovy', far too much that fits in more than one area and plenty of 'but where do I put Talking Heads' conundrums. I guess it'll work but it did lead me to wonder how the rest of you organise the fruits of your obsession.

    Please feel free to demonstrate your OCD here...
    Mixes, compilations and the like