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  • Happy Pastimes Themes library

    Anyone know if the Happy Pastimes lp on Themes is any good?

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    There's no funk on it, if that's what you're after.


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      not nessecarily.

      is there anything worthwhile on it at all?

      or is it just crap?


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        If its a few quid just buy it. If its more then leave it alone.

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          L. Thames- any drama type stuff on there? Sweeney/ Prisoner type possibilities?
          There are lots of Themes gaps for me. Got a few but loads I don't have. I do have a catalogue though, but the descriptions don't tell you everything.
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            I think there's an Alan Tew track which is a bit interesting, not quite Sweeney-ish though.

            It's also got the old theme tune to 'Winner Takes All' on it, which is a definite plus point for me!

            I would hesitate to say whether it's good or bad, as opinions vary and I know for a fact my tastes aren't shared by everyone here (that's an understatement!), but I reckon most Vultures wouldn't get too much out of it really.


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              Had it for a while. Some Moody stuff. not to great though.
              Unless youre somewhat of a Themes groupie I guess Lord Thames is right,...
              pretty boring
              ..Your sporadic midnight poster..


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                I'm keen to get some more of the Themes LPs on disc or by mp3 - have plenty to swap. Wouldn't mind hearing this Lord Thames.
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