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    Like minded

    Originally posted by medlar View Post
    Gervais is an unfunny annoying nob, there, I said it
    Never like ANYTHING he does. Over-rated arse. In mho.
    Jazz ain't dead!


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      Originally posted by glengowla View Post
      Leaving questions of taste to one side, if I may, I didn't really understand what Gervais was driving at comically in Derek. The slapstick was very crude (sitting in some crumble, falling into a pond) and there were none of the nuanced relationships or verbal flights that made the Office so masterful for me. Do you think Gervais intended it to be a sentimental tear-jerker rather than the ironic comedy he previously focused on? Maybe he just misjudged its tone and what people expect of him. That said, even if he did mean it to be a gentle drama, it's very odd and very bad. I wonder if it was always intended to be screened, as pilots are rarely shown in the UK.
      Judging by the 'heart tugging' piano cue that fired up all the time I think RG thinks he's creating great pathos here. He's no Peter Sellers, he was the weakest perfomer in it. Should have given the part to someone who can actually act. It wasn't awful but it wasn't a great success. You could see every gag or emotion rug pull coming a mile off. Doubt we will see anymore of it.

      At least it wasn't out and out nasty like Life Is Short. That just got more and more horrible as it went on. It gave us an an amazing Liam neeson cameo though.

      BTW Saxondale does get better with repeat viewings. S2 is great stuff.
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