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Dj shadow "diminishing returns" mix

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  • Dj shadow "diminishing returns" mix

    I can't believe nobody's started a thread on here yet...

    The latest DJ Shadow mix-CD Essential Mix thing features loads of mad psychedelic, prog, weird stuff (after the first hour of old-skool hip-hop) - does anyone have a clue what any of it is - a lot sounds like UK stuff, no doubt bollock rare.

    I see the OG copies of the CD are doing a roaring trade on ebay, so no doubt bootlegs will be surfacing soon...
    There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...

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    yep I had 4 og copies off this from the site..sold them all to a chap in Japan for $$$$$.

    Call me capitalist scum if ya like but now Ive got lots more shiny new records cos of it. ya boo sucks.

    um yeah the mix is cool. I know shadow is fond of playing records off president. <- Changed URL


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      The mix is wicked but my favourite track has to be &quot; Cre A TINE&quot; by Cool Breeze the track that opens the whole thing fantastic organized noize at their finest.