So, what is VeryGoodPlus all about..?

Verygoodplus is a venue for the enthusiastic and occasionally obsessive, to chat about music and share info on vinyl records or just about anything else that catches the imagination. The forum emerged from Vinyl Vulture (2000-2006), a site dedicated to those who shared a passion for scouring charity shops, car-boot sales and flea markets for good (or at least interesting) music on what was then fast becoming a forgotten format.

Many of the old hands arrived at Vinyl Vulture after growing up in the UK immersed in hip hop and rare groove. Buying old records in the quest for breaks opened the door, and ears, to a new spectrum of sounds. In short, pretty much everything went under the spotlight and still does today; jazz, funk, soul, psych, pop, lounge, libraries, OSTs, rock, rhythm and blues, disco, punk, hip hop, krautrock and much, much more besides.

But the story didn’t end there. With the majority of forum members being cash-poor but time-rich, a knack for sidestepping the canonical to find previously disregarded or dismissed gems emerged. A now even more eclectic group of music enthusiasts maintains that original spirit, with members continuously digging, discussing, investigating and even tracking down artists that have long been overlooked or ignored. Whether privately pressed in small quantities, dismissed by their peers or simply deemed uncommercial in their own time, verygoodplus members leave no stone unturned in a tireless search for musical treasure.

As a community we debate, defend, amuse, bemuse, introduce, enlighten, search, research and enthuse about our passion for music. We are inclusive and generous in sharing the knowledge and are always open to new sounds and their advocates!

If all that strikes a chord, register as a user, browse the forum and most important of all, get involved. Give a little, get a lot and welcome to the world of verygoodplus!