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Anyone get this guy's contact at the last

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  • Anyone get this guy's contact at the last

    This guy called Dan, a chef somewhere around Westbourne Park. His mate is part of a band called Schwab, that right Bigdaddydan? You gonna send over that CD of theirs then? Was wondering if anyone got his email or anything, his mate's band sounded interesting...

    Incidently, if anyone knows or has numbers for any funk bands that you think will be good for this Funk night i'm sorting out for Thursdays at the salmon, please drop me a mail...

    So far i've gotten interest from Speedometer, a 4-piece version of the New Master Sounds and the Longo All Stars...

    July will be an all-DJ affair until the entertainment licence is renewed, not totally confirmed yet, but it looks like Fryer and Gerald are gonna be guesting on the 1st Thursday with John Stapleton and hopefully Andy Smith on the 3rd...

    Like I said, uncomfirmed, but coming together. I'll put a more official post up a bit later on...

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    Sorry about the delay with the Schwab CD, I'll burn it at the weekend for you.
    I've emailed Paddy for his mate's contact details, but I'm not sure its the same person you're looking for - don't think his name was Dan (I would have remembered that&#33 and don't think he's a chef - I'll let you know when I've heard back from Paddy.
    July sounds like it's shaping up nicely though.
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      Check my brothers website, its a database of bands in the Uk covering a wide range of styles including funk. you may find some bands of interest on there.

      End of shameless plug


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        hey nick put me down for some shit. We need to speak about that lauch party...

        how about a battle of the bands? <- Changed URL


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          Will do Sermad, I&#39;ll give you call sometime this weekend...
          As for your idea of a battle of the bands, we geez dude, there&#39;s so few of them as it is and you want me to make them fight each other? Is this like some sort of cage fight scenario? We&#39;d have to fins one big enough for them to fit all their instruments in... I&#39;ll have a look in loot.


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            I did drop a mention in the Deepfunk thread on live bands that Mr.Güder would be up for playing, but if you&#39;re not into that then that&#39;s cool ...


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              You did? I must&#39;ve missed it. Let me know if you&#39;re up for playing, better still mail me: [email protected]


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                roger roger - you got mail
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