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Today, i am a very happy vulture

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  • Today, i am a very happy vulture

    Today I found a record in my local charity which I've searched for for quite a few years:Sinatra & Friends - With Antonio Carlos Jobim and Eumir Deodato. I heard Giles Petterson drop the cut Agua de Beber many moons ago on his rather special Sunday nite slot when it was good [like church for jazz lovers] and never wanting to pay huge amounts for it, I began the long road to glory. Today, my search is over. 32 years old this record and it looks like it's just been pressed, mint would be an understatement for the cover, it's just remakable. And the cut, it is simply wonderful music.

    Just thought I'd share my good news, is all!

    Happy weekend Vultures!
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    Nice LP! I'm partial to a bit of Frank anyway (all that great Nelson Riddle/Billy May stuff) but his 'Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim' set is very nice, too, and 'Watertown' is an interesting one, a kind of concept album about a small town divorce that sounds a lot like some of Scott Walker's stuff around the same time... There's an early 80s LP he did with Quincy Jones called 'LA Is My Lady' that's lot better than you'd expect for the release date, too: a nice mellow-funky 70s feel to most of the arrangements, with George Benson and the like... Any other Francis Albert doing unexpected stuff recommendations out there?
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      Jeez, wish I'd known you'd been after a copy as I have one sat here awaiting (in a pile of hundreds) to be added to my trades list.

      From recollection 'Agua de Beber ' is the best thing on there by a mile. Hmmm, I thik I'll dig it out and play it right now while I do the washing up.
      Matt Hero