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  • Ghana...

    Hey all

    It's been a while since I last posted but anyways...

    If everythings goes as planned I will be spending 3 weeks in february '05 travellin' in Ghana

    Has anybody from VV been there? It's my first time in Africa and I don't really know what to expect... Does anybody have some recommendations? Feel free... food, music, nature, beaches, hotels, records etc.

    I don't know too much about music from Ghana so if anybody has some titles I should look for please let me know and I will be very thankful.

    Also if somebody knows about what bands to see live I would like to know about that aswell. I know Femi Kuti, ET Mensah and others still performs in Nigeria so I thought there might still me some of the old cats performing in Ghana. Anybody knows?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I've never been to Ghana but I've been to Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Gambia and Senegal. I've found Africa great for live music, a dead loss for records (unless you're really clued in by proper musical locals) and lovely people, especially in west Africa. I spent a week in Dakar, copped off with Youssou N'Dour's cute little cousin and got introduced to the great man himself down at his club, where he used to play six nights a week. It's a very musical culture, lots of musicians, but I was actually there for a football tournament so didn't get a chance to explore that side of things as much as I'd like.


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      Originally posted by ladyboygrimsby
      Africa great for live music, a dead loss for records (unless you're really clued in by proper musical locals) .
      In my even more limited experience what he said. To the point where you'd almost say its worth buying any records you happen upon and hoping for the best.

      The two Ghana Sounds comps are well worth getting even if you aren't going. But they have extensive sleeve notes and so are worth it for that too.
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        Do you guys think I should bring my portable or would that be stupid considering I might not come across that many records, if any at all.



        P.S. I went to Egypt some years ago. Didn't find anything but then again I only went to Dahab


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          my brother just returned from there & Mali - he's not a record guy at all so nothing to add there. He said the people were all incredibly friendly tho and only had one instance of 'nervousness' in a 4 weeks stay - every one called him 'hey white man'!

          apparently there are lots of french tourists there

          also, just thought I'd mention that Miles Celeret (the guy behind the ghana sounds comps) put out an afro-funk mix cd with Will Quantic, probably draws upon the same material as the comps, but yeah, not sure of its official status per se but its out there


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            Originally posted by ladyboygrimsby
            copped off with Youssou N'Dour's cute little cousin
            We know when a mate buys it for you too.