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Chappell library vinyl 78s - 1969

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  • Chappell library vinyl 78s - 1969

    I was fortunate enough to have recently been given 20 or so Chappell library vinyl 78s, which were issued in 1969 (a few are from '67 and '68).

    Most of them feature Johnny Hawksworth, Stan Tracey, Roger Webb and Nino Nardini, with some really interesting-sounding track titles.

    What I'd like to know is, apart from having a turntable with a 78 speed, do I require a special kind of needle to play these (vinyl, not shellac) 78s?

    Any help, as always, greatly appreciated. Cheers!
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    yes. avoid a conventional stereo diamond needle or you might damage them, since 78s often require different styli shapes or widths. you can get specific softer needles for 78s too, made out of materials such as sapphire. regardless of what they're made of, the high spin speed trashes the grooves more quickly on 78s than other formats.

    there's even a 78 needle for the Vestax portables:

    sounds like a good haul anyway - let us know what they're like!
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      well done theeman.
      it's great when people drop the knowledge.
      kraut rock ist nicht tot!


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        Actually, a normal stylus should suffice on the 60s Chappell 78s, as they're all microgroove vinyl pressings - certainly, I've had no trouble playing mine with one, though, as theeman says, the high speed does wear them out a bit faster (though they also have fantastic sound quality if they're not too worn.)

        There's some really good stuff on the Chappell 78s - have a look for the Southern ones too!

        I think the special 78 styli are meant for shellac - I did a couple of LPs no good at all by using one on vinyl by mistake.......


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          Theeman & Lord Thames,

          Many thanks for all your help and advice - much appreciated!

          I've managed to have a listen to them on a turntable with a needle especially designed for playing 78s, and there is a lot of very nice late 60s spy-style jazz on them, as well as one very nice funky track ('Low Life' by Johnny Hawksworth).

          There is plenty of sample potential on them, too, particularly on two tracks called 'Through a Glass Darkly' and 'Sounds Strange', again both by Hawksworth. Most of them look unplayed, and, as Lord Thames points out, the sound quaility is indeed excellent.

          Thanks again.
          A leaping rocker with a strong mood, a moderate beat and a safari feel.


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            There's some amazing Hawksworth stuff on the Chappell 78s - I think any of his Chappell material from that era is worth a butchers (also look out for stuff written by him under the alias 'Paul Kass'). I've got 'Through A Glass....', not sure if I've got 'Low Life' though.


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              that's interesting - i talked to my audio supplier a while back about this (having found a stack of 60s USA jazz on vinyl 78s) and he strongly recommended not using a diamond stylus even on microgroove vinyl. each to their own!
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                Interesting - I suppose it must be down to the higher speed wearing them out faster? I'll do some more research into this!