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Ebay spoof headsup.

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  • Ebay spoof headsup.


    Has anybody had this one rubbished through to their email addresses?

    Most convincing one yet! It is a fakey, right?!



    Thank you for submitting your change of email address
    request. Instructions on completing the change have
    sent to your new email address. Once the process is
    completed, your eBay-related email will no longer be
    routed to
    this email address.

    If you did not make this change, check with family
    members and others who may have access to your account
    first. If
    you still feel that an unauthorized person has changed
    your email, get help here:

    Thank you for using eBay!

    Change of email address request was made from:
    IP Address: - ISP Host:

    Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you
    have any questions.

    Privacy Policy ==>
    User Agreement ==>

    Protect yourself from Spoof (fake) e-mails.
    Learn More:

    Copyright © 1995-2005 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Designated trademarks and brands are the property of
    their respective owners.

    eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc.

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    looks familiar, i get loads of those spoof emails and my rule of thumb is to ignore them all or you can send em to ebay and they'll scope em out for ya.

    Search Help

    Email and Websites Impersonating eBay

    Some members have reported attempts to gain access to sensitive information through email requests that are made to appear that they were sent from eBay. These requests often include links to Web pages that will request that you sign in and submit information. At eBay, we identify these as 'spoofed' email or Web sites. If you are concerned about receiving email of this nature, please review eBay's suggestions to minimise unwanted email.

    eBay will never ask you to provide sign-in passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information through email. If we request information from you, we will always direct you back to the eBay site. With very few exceptions, you can submit the requested information through your "My eBay" page. If you have received email requesting that you sign in or provide personal information that you suspect was not sent by eBay, please refer to the following information.

    Take caution with email that includes attachments or links
    eBay will not send you email that includes attachments and you will not be required to enter information on a page that cannot be accessed from the eBay site. If you receive a message that appears to have been sent from eBay that includes an attachment, do not open it.

    When possible, you should avoid clicking links. Instead of clicking the link, you should copy the address and paste it into the Address/Location area of your web browser. While eBay may send email that contains links, the links are provided for convenience only. You will not be required to submit sensitive information if a direct link is provided to an eBay page.

    Make sure that you are on an eBay page
    eBay pages that ask you to provide your User ID and password can be identified by the address in the Address/Location area of your web browser. Most sign-in pages can be identified by addresses that begin with "" or "" International sites will have slightly different sign-in addresses.

    eBay sign-in addresses will always include either or the letters that designate the site the address is associated with (.fr for France, .de for Germany, etc.) followed by a forward slash (/). If the address includes additional characters prior to the forward slash such as "@," dashes, etc., it is not an eBay page. A complete list of eBay sign-in addresses is provided below:

    Site Sign-In/Login URL
    UK, Ireland and Sweden
    International Sites Sign-In/Login URL
    Austria, Germany, Switzerland
    New Zealand, Singapore
    Discussion Boards
    Live Auctions
    SquareTrade (partner site)

    If the address includes additional characters prior to the forward slash such as "@," dashes, etc., it is not an eBay page.

    Report Suspicious Email to eBay

    To report email requesting account information that you suspect was not sent by eBay send us the email with the complete message text and full header or forward the entire message to [email protected] using the forward function of your email programme. When forwarding the message, do not change the subject line, send additional text, or forward the message as an attachment. Forwarding the message in this manner will allow us to review the message headers and any other information that may be attached to the email.

    The [email protected] email address is reserved for handling reports of attempts to impersonate eBay. In order to investigate these reports in a timely manner, we can only accept forwarded messages at this address.

    If you have already submitted information after receiving an email request and you suspect that your eBay account may have been tampered with, please refer to the following page for information on Securing Your Account and review the steps on the Protecting Your Identity page.

    Take a tutorial on how to spot a spoof (fake) email.
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