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so what did I miss + need funk + sitar

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  • so what did I miss + need funk + sitar

    hello peeps

    So I've just spent a year tralling europe living in my funk mobile. and boy did I miss this site although it has changed a bit.

    Spent yesterday reading the sitar thread which I seem to remember was the last topic I read before leaving. If anyone is up for a few cdr swaps I would love to join in. please pm me. Not that I got loads to offer but hey I can always offer something in return.

    So as I'm about to move back into my house and be sensible for a while I was wondering what important new funk releases did I miss in the last year just in case I do start getting some cash to buy records.

    I did pick up the speedometer album which I love to bits.

    When I left the boogaloo investigators were talking about trying to get an album together. Well at least thats what one of them was saying down at HFS.

    Which brings me to the fact that is HFS still kicking off and if so what bands can I expect to see down there.

    Also me and the lady plus hopefully some friends could really do with some funk on Saturday in london. Any ideas?

    the eclipsechaser
    Give a man a tree, He'll take a forest!

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    oh and just wondering

    couldnt gewt access to my hotmail at work so I came to kinkos print shop in holborn to use their internet to get my login working again for this site. So i start typing and low and behold it auto completes the vinylvulture address for me. So if one of you are sitting next to a lairy short geezer with a beard then say hello.
    Give a man a tree, He'll take a forest!