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Hundreds of 45's record list available

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  • Hundreds of 45's record list available

    Hey everybody,

    This person in the UK sent me an e-mail telling me he has quite a few hundred 1960's and 1970's singles that were donated to his school in the UK and is asking me if I want to buy them.

    I have not replied to him to ask if he is selling them all at once or what.

    You are more than welcome to his e-mail to me incl. the list and it's a WORD .doc, so drop me a line and I will forward it to you.
    Please e-mail me direct.

    You can't ever say I never did anything nice for you ever again.

    It's 36 pages worth of 45's all in paper sleeves in "good" condition. I saw some names that looked familiar for FUNK and stuff. There's gotta be a break in there somewhere

    Thanks for the space V. V. !