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    All my local charity shops throw out stuff they think they can't sell, and all the best stuff I've ever had has come from the rare occasions I've managed to go through the 'for the bin pile'.

    The one that styles itself as a proper record shop is the worst. Someone on here found a copy of 'Second Hand' on Polydor in their bin (sleeve issues innit )

    I haven't found anything good in there for a year or so since they adopted an EXish and better only policy, and before that I regularly shelled significant amounts for proper buys- including a UK jazz lp on Tempo that had half the sleeve missing and I still managed to flip for £150...

    Depressing innit!
    "Not only that but the WHOLE COVER is UNCREASED with only 2 or 3 TINY creaselines near the opening edge about half way down!!!! In the same place (about half way down the opening edge), there is an absolutely TINY and PERFECTLY repaired split" (xxxrecords)


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      In our region a lot of stuff goes to the skip, but a local dealer has a deal were they give him a ring when they get some, Ive had some great stuff off him, stuff that was heading for the land fill.
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        I've heard tales of vinyl from these shores being shipped to China where it is used to make toothbrushes.

        Oh, and on the subject of taking records out of circulation ...!/obrftokyo

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          Whenever I ask at any dump they all tell me they get records all the time, but they just trash them. Our local dump is a re-cycling centre - you'd think the best form of re-cycling would be re-USING but they don't seem too interested in letting the public rake around taking, or even buying, stuff. Maybe local dealers have it sown up...

          Think a few people on here have alluded to dealers who have arrangements with the local dump, where they have to buy ALL the vinyl. I love the idea of dealers buying up all this chud, then being careful not to dump it on their own turf - so driving 100 miles to dump it at another re-cycling centre, which has its own OWN vinyl guy. Who then drives 100 miles and dumps it all back at the original place...

          A few years back I would NEVER chuck records in the bin - now I accept that sometimes they are just too battle-wounded to go back into action. And it saves any other digger the pain of pulling out a trashed sleeveless Bo Diddley album which will only be bought out of a "I can't NOT buy this" mentality, and a few months later it'll just end up back in a charity shop where the process will repeated endlessly...
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            At one of my local charity shops the 'record man' had not been in for a couple of weeks so they resorted to having to put all the records out. Atomic Rooster 'Death Walks...', Half Man Half Biscuit 'Back In The DHSS', Mott The Hoople 'Wildlife' were three I bought. Slight wear to the sleeves, and records needed a little cleaning. The records on the shelves were run of the mill rubbish, but in pristine condition. I told them people buy this kind of stuff, the lady behind the counter said the manageress does not like 'worn' looking items in the shop, and these would have been bin bound. Madness said I, 'Definitely no Madness albums upstairs' Said she.


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              Much though it pains me to do so, I've taken to throwing away (recycling) records, mostly dead charity stuff and classical guff a neighbour gave me. There's only so many vinyl fruit bowls one person needs.


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                Originally posted by vinylism View Post
                There's only so many vinyl fruit bowls one person needs.
                Vinyl fruit bowls are so 2008. It's all about vinyl notebook binders these days.

                Whip one of these containing your wants list out in the charity shop and watch the smartphone popsikers skulk away in shame.



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                  Originally posted by babycart View Post
                  Vinyl fruit bowls are so 2008. It's all about vinyl notebook binders these days.

                  Whip one of these containing your wants list out in the charity shop and watch the smartphone popsikers skulk away in shame.

                  Ooh, that is nice! Can i get one with a Tago Mago label?


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                    I def throw away loads of punts that are to sad to trade in or even give to charity.

                    Is landfill actually 10.000s of records melted and put in the ground? Isn't that toxic? Here we just incenerate them, not sure if that's less toxic though...

                    Heard some unused scenes from the director's cut of Wicker Man was going to be used for roadfill in the UK but they rescued the film spools just in time. Amazing.


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                      A fellow customer in a record shop told a good story the other day of vinyl dumping:

                      Back in the early 70s a quite a few of the majors (Chrysalis, Charisma, EMI, Trojan were a few he could remember) would dump returns/unsold albums in volume. They would receive credit on duty on unsold units if they dumped them apparently. One of the main dumping places was Moor Mill near St. Albans. He got a lot of his stock/collection by intercepting the vans and trucks before they tipped. Gov officials would be hiding in bushes trying to make sure this didn't happen but slip them £50 and it became possible. Boxes and boxes of mint albums, apparently.
                      Shop owner and me both covered our ears and said “no, no” when he mentioned Trojan.

                      Not sure how common a practice this was but thinking about it I don't remember seeing UK cut-outs like US ones, so maybe this was the norm for disposing of dead stock in the UK back then.

                      Looked up Moor Mill. Referred to as a quarry and no longer active as a dump, although I did find reference to the local council considering reopening it back in 2009.

                      Looking back at this thread it's funny how times change. Vinyl is back and all that and I expect much less gets dumped now by joe public. A lot more record shops around again now. The owner of the shop where this story was regaled started 5 years ago and seems to be doing well and gets plenty of walk ins.

                      Any more similar stories?


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                        Well, my local tip has a charity shop, and they have a fair turnover of vinyl so they do recycle a fair bit, but it's probably what people bring in before they just chuck it.

                        I was there a few years ago, and there was a big white van parked up with three people busy dumping the contents into the household waste. As walked by and dumped my stuff, I sort of realised what they were doing - they had armfuls of records and were throwing them in. So I popped over for a nose and the whole van was stuffed with records; I was sort of "Soooo, just throwing these away?" and they said they'd been left in a cellar and were all damaged, but I could see lots of records that had a bit of dust and damp on the sleeves. I asked if I could have some and they gave me a crate which I staggered back to my car with. I should have taken more, but just thought I'd just grab what I could.

                        The crate was full of dance stuff, specifically trance, but it was whole runs of label releases and once I'd gone through them all some rareish (lots of £20-£30 twelves). But it was serious collection and that was only a few hundred out of thousands they were dumping so god knows what else went. I think the tip workers intervened after I grabbed my crate and told them to take them to the shop as they were putting out crates of decent trance and DnB for a few months. But they must have chucked a third of it before I noticed them, wish I'd just brought my car over and decanted the whole lot into it.

                        And I've just found a photo of the crate, ha!


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                          Originally posted by candiman View Post

                          Any more similar stories?
                          Around 1975ish I lived opposite a council tip which we called 'The Dump'. We kids scavenged all sorts over there but there was once a massive dump of records. Things I remember in particular were a whole load of yellow sleeved Chappell LPs, large quantities of Status Quo 'Quo' LP with the Vertigo spaceship label, and Monty python LPs. The only thing I kept was 'Matching Tie and Handkerchief' and 'Live At Drury Lane'. None of us could see the point of the Chappell LPs- the tracks were so short, and didn't have any words. What we did was take handfuls back with us and had a big record frisbee war, flinging them at each other. We once came across a load of medical waste. Ahh, such innocent days.
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                            The value of stuff thrown in the dump is astronomical.
                            People are stupid/don’t care/don’t have time.
                            In Scotland we are far too stupid to create something sensible like a tip shop like they have in England but I’ve had a few lots from the local dump.
                            Stuff like Floyd, Velvets, Lou Reed, Joy Division, New Order, Sabs, Bowie, Beatles etc etc and a pristine 2nd Specials lp with 7’ & poster.
                            Some woman dumped about 500 lp’s the other week but gaffers unfortunately turned up at that point so were crushed, would’ve been incredible stuff of course.
                            Heard of whole van loads binned too, umpteen boxes full.

                            My eyes have been fairly recently opened to the sheer volumes of records getting dumped.
                            Last time I was in East Kilbride dump the chap said they get thrown out every other day, I’m considering getting a job there as I’d be minted, wouldn’t have much time mind.

                            Ever ask yourself why there’s next to no records in the bootys/chazzas/gumtree etc?

                            Dump is the answer.