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bulk shipping from the USA - any ideas?

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  • bulk shipping from the USA - any ideas?

    Does anyone have any great ideas about shipping from the US to the UK?
    I'm going to be buying a big ol' bunch of 45s - somewhere between 250 and 1000 probably - and obviously airmail is out of the question! I don't like the idea of surface mail, anyone know anything about international couriers or the like?
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    fedex or UPS are both pretty good and their fleet airmail rates are generally good. you can set up the whole thing via their websites. fedex have this service called Ship Manager that allows you to print the labels on your computer and arrange pickup etc online. useful. another option if you want airmail is (if you have a very accommodating seller) get them to carefully package your records and then take them to the airport's cargo terminal. lufthansa (for example) have a good rep for handling air cargo and most major airlines also offer this service.

    alternatively if you don't mind waiting you could contact a shipping agent in the nearest big town/city and get them to do it for you. you can find specialist people (like art shippers) who are used to shipping valuable fragile goods, and they'll pack and freight them with care.

    obviously you want 'em quick but isn't it better to get 1000 pristine minty records in 6 weeks via surface mail than 1000 broken ones in a week via air? sometimes surface takes as little as just over two weeks.

    how about asking gerald or another regular importer?
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      Don't forget import tax. Might be cheaper to split them into smaller loads. You can get especially stung when using a courier instead of standard mail.
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