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Question from a newbie re:ebay

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  • Question from a newbie re:ebay

    I'm fairly new to the world of ebay having held back from the darkside until recently.

    I've won an LP five days ago and I've requested the shipping total from the seller twice since then but had no reply.

    I appreciate some people respond more quickly than others but what's the proceedure for this type of thing. Do some sellers not go through with the sale if they are disapointed by the amount the record sold for? (I presume I should then leave negative feedback). The seller has 100% feedback but has less than 30 feedbacks.

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    Hard to say, because it all depends, but I have had the odd case where I've sent out all the invoices for a batch of auctions, then had people asking days later for 'total cost', so it may be that the seller thinks he's sent it already, but you haven't received it. Also, if he's gone away or something there might be a gap before he gets back to his computer (though I've always managed to log in from hotels/internet cafes when absent as auctions finish, and I'd assume others would do the same?). I'd certainly give it at least 14 and possibily up to 20 days before considering action, though - I think you can leave feedback for a pretty long time after auctions end if you decide to do that later.

    Anyway, clearly the guy's either avoiding you or being a bit slack in responding, but 5 days is nothing in the great scheme of ebay, really. I've had deals go down quite happily after 20 day delays, so I wouldn't give up just yet...
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      Thanks a lot for that Wayne. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
      "Don't get involved in the f**kin' chat pages. It's just full of arseholes talkin' sh*te non-stop"