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  • Todays haul

    Fuggin useless record fair! Picked up about 3 things - got there for 8:30!!! Was up at 7! Waste of time.

    Saw a James Brown 'sho is funky down here' and I sided myself...then I asked the price and it was 100 notes - then I sided myself somemore, wiped my arse with the record and handed it back...thanks mate...sure I'm just nipping to the cash machine now mate

    Rumplestiltskin S/T - £5. This isnt too bad. Some nice funky fuzzy rock moments. Go Jeremy Eagles!

    Jess & James - Revolution, Evolution, Change!! - £20. Im a complete sucker for belgian beat group and I wasnt disappointed. Packed full of super cheesy mod groovers. Gotta chart this.

    The Persuaders - £1. Pretty good.

    Stopped off in intoxica at portobello - fought through about 5 million idiot tourists *stopping* and changing direction at every opportunity...what is it with that??

    Anyway - met godsy cherrystones for the first time and swapped some tips - bought the mozart library compilation and left with my credit card intact. Lucky Im sensible sometimes...

    Ok then where. Got to camden. Had a wander round. Got offered some smack, bought a skanky burger. Sounds of swing - dry. Tape exchange - dry. Stall in the market - dry. Geralds stall - Nothing I wanted was in the sensible price range. Shame.

    Ok next stop Angel! Reckless was dry. Flashback dry. Haggle haggle was wicked! The blokey in there was quite sociable?? I picked up these all for £30.

    Standard Music Library - Guitar/Small Group ESL 119
    Standard Music Library - Activity/Travel ESL 115
    Standard Music Library - Activity/Travel/Dramatic ESL 126
    Standard Music Library - Romantic/Nostalgic/Sad ESL 114

    Amphonic Library - A Tune For Everyone AMPS LP 106 - Wicked cheesy big band funk.
    Amphonic Library - London Life AMPS LP 111 (did this go on ebay for big bucks recently? - More cheesy big band funk)

    (Olly - if my amphonic connection comes through these will be doubles matey.)

    And back in sunny Dalston a quick visit to the oxfam where I picked up my first ever decent records from there. Hurrah.

    Circles Of Sound - Circle Of Sound. - Still after certain lions and tigers for day!
    Robert Delgado - Latin Flutes - Circle Of Sound. - Dont get me wrong but why is this so sought after?

    Quite unusual to find circle of sound lps these days so I asked if they had any more *down the back*. Yes sir came the reply - we have this one with a girl on the cover infront of a mirror...moody something...think we have a box of them... <- Changed URL

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    Told you before dude, a regular at the Kilburn fair has that JB for 25... go get it&#33;


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      For the sum total of £27 I picked up these at Olympia...


      Rufus Thomas - &#39;Itch And Scratch&#39; (Italian with P/S)
      Smiths Crisps - &#39;Rhythm And Crunch&#39; flexi (second...)
      Danish Bacon - &#39;Yummy, Yummy, Yummy&#39; flexi (crap music but good interludes...)
      Some european airline flexi - well, it was a picture disc in a disc in a picture sleeve and the airline&#39;s called C.T.I.


      Fleetwood Mac/Christine Perfect LP (cheers Matt)
      Geno And The Ram Jam Band - &#39;Finger Poppin&#39;...&#39;
      Hair (London Cast)
      Mellow Fruitfulness - &#39;Whiter Shade Of Pale&#39; (bit of a lemon - looked better than it sounds, condition-wise)
      Cher - ?&#33;? (with &#39;For What It&#39;s Worth&#39; and &#39;I Walk On Guilded Splinters&#39; - which Evidence jacked for &#39;No Retreat&#39; if you&#39;re into that sort of info - very nice LP)

      So slim pickings, but I couldn&#39;t leave with nothing. Saw (but didn&#39;t buy) &#39;Fear Is The Key&#39; for £50 and some Bonnie Dobson LP - which is the good one? Some seller was playing &#39;Firedog&#39; which was good to hear while flicking, and I swear the guy in shades and black, trailed by a big minder type, was Liza Minelli&#39;s husband...

      And two copies of the &#39;Showstopper&#39; 45 dropped through my letterbox.

      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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        Rich - what&#39;s that Cher LP called? I&#39;ve been after her version of &quot;For What it&#39;s Worth&quot; for a while now.
        "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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          &lt;Consults AMG&gt; (jeez, I&#39;ve got a mind like a sieve).

          It&#39;s 3614 Jackson Highway, Lee. I paid a fiver and I was very happy with it. Similar deal to Lulu&#39;s New Routes. Atco sent her to Muscle Shoals and teamed her with Tom Dowd, Arif Mardin and Jerry Wexler, and gave her some soulful staples to sing. Her voice isn&#39;t quite subtle enough for some of the gear (think Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey) but for the most part it works. And I think she looks cute in her Indian squaw get up.

          Does anyone know what Lulu&#39;s other Muscle Shoals LP (Melody Fair?) is like? Cheers...
          You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (Rich Hero @ 27 May 2003,11:28)]LP&#39;s

            Fleetwood Mac/Christine Perfect LP (cheers Matt)
            Can you clarify what album this is for me. I&#39;ve had a Fleetwood Mac LP for many years called Mystery To Me. It has the so-called Christine Perfect tune on it, but obviously it&#39;s credited to Fleetwood Mac. Is this the album that you bought at the weekend or did she re-record it as a solo artist, too?


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              Bill - I think that confusion has been caused by a bootleg LP credit - the track is deffo not on &quot;The Legendary....&quot; and I checked my mate&#39;s copy of &quot;Mystery to Me&quot; lp and it&#39;s the same track which is credited to Ms Perfect on the bootleg.

              I suppose they were either trying to throw us off the scent or make Fleetwood Mac sound more alluring?
              "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                This is a comp thing that Matt tipped me off about (you too can find it for a quid). Blue cover with some sort of red picture on the front? I don&#39;t remember the title so I&#39;ll check later and look for any more info if Matt doesn&#39;t chip in before then, but one side is Fleetwood Mac tunes and the other is Christine Perfect/McVie, including &#39;And That&#39;s Saying A Lot...&#39;. So it&#39;s on Christine&#39;s side and not the &#39;Mac&#39;s (which probably doesn&#39;t clear this up).

                Was it Dusty Fingers crediting it to Christine, Lee?
                You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                  Originally posted by [b
                  Quote[/b] ]Smiths Crisps - &#39;Rhythm And Crunch&#39; flexi (second...)
                  Is this up for trade then, Rich? I&#39;ve been after a copy for a while so first dibs please if it is.


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                    Rich - It was a comp called &quot;Funky Folk Flavours&quot; which was definitely on the dodgy side whereas the &quot;Dusty Fingers&quot; comps are legit (I think).

                    If you&#39;re wanting a copy of the Christine Perfect LP I know of the whereabouts of one for a fiver - I&#39;ll grab it for you if you want.
                    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                      I&#39;m pretty sure from the traffic on the old crates list that Dusty Fingers aren&#39;t legit. Stories of how the guy went after DATs from collectors so that he could comp the tracks, mistitling tunes, etc.

                      Anyway, how is the Christine Perfect LP - I could well be interested?

                      And that Rhythm And Crunch isn&#39;t spare yet Blighty, sorry. I&#39;ve sent you a mail...
                      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                        i know for a fact that Dusty Fingers comps are boots. also, some very interesting info about who compiles &#39;em and how. but i&#39;m not telling. not until the next London meet
                        Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                          Rich - I had it in my December chart - I like it&#33;

                          As for Fusty Dingers - I&#39;d like to know how they get all that stuff - will someone email me once Ed has spilt the beans?

                          Anyone heard vol 10 yet? I didn&#39;t bother &#39;cos I had a fair bit on it already (first time that&#39;s ever happened with a DF comp I can tell you).
                          "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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                            There&#39;s a Vol 10 you say? Shite, I&#39;ll have to raid Selectadisc pronto&#33;

                            I had a weekend off of digging really - I needed sleep due to my physical resemblance to a giant panda (also bleeding over into my sex life).

                            I was in Matlock to go to the John Smedley factory shop for cheap knitwear and I did the charity shops while waiting for the bus.

                            In one charity (Save The Nippers I think), I got:

                            Sergio Mendes &amp; Brazil 77 &#39;In Concert&#39;
                            James Last &#39;Beachparty 3&#39;
                            King&#39;s Singers &#39;Captain Noah&#39;
                            Roland Shaw &#39;Phase 4 World of Spy Thrillers&#39;
                            Roy Budd &#39;Concerto for Harry&#39;

                            One of those happy occasions when you wonder if they knew I was coming.

                            Other than that though, couldn&#39;t be arsed - I let you all down and I am ashamed.


                            PS Fared rather better with the knitwear&#33;&#33;
                            Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                              aye dusty fingers are the best series in my opinion. The library selections are top choices.

                              Here&#39;s no 10.

                              KG Intro
                              Franz Auffray - Son Of Popcorn
                              Brian Bennett - The Unknown
                              Johnny Harris - Light My Fire
                              Barry Cooper - Impulsion Drums
                              Drum Skit 1
                              Drum Skit 2
                              Chapeau Melon - Botte De Cuire
                              Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem Pour Un Con
                              Nancy Holloway - Sand And Rain
                              Carvelli - L&#39;etrange Dr. Personne (This might be caravelli off an April Orchestra lib?)
                              A. Parker - Relaxed Spacious
                              K. Fleins Field - Incidental Black Cloth (Keith Mansfield From &#39;Underscore&#39; - (KPM 1035) - 1968)
                              Drum Skit 3
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