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Werner Muller - Teldec discography

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  • Werner Muller - Teldec discography

    I wonder if any fellow vultures can help me. I need to know the German Teldec catalogue numbers of a few Werner Muller LPs (not their equivalent UK Phase Four cat. nos) of the following LPs -

    Hawaiian Swing
    On Broadway
    Learn to Love
    Sentimental Journey

    Lord Thames...anyone?

    Thanks as ever for any help - much appreciated!

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    I'll go through my German Decca samplers and see what I can dig up for you!

    Does this have anything to do with some potential CD re-issues, dare I ask??


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      Right, no luck I'm afraid as yet - do you have track listings for 'On Broadway' and 'Sentimental Journey'? I suspect some of these LPs may have come out under different titles in Germany.

      'Sentimental.....' MIGHT be the LP released under the title 'A Salute To The Kings Of Swing' SLK 16 892-P, but I'd check this out first as this is pure guesswork - I'm afraid I have neither the German LP or the UK equivalent.

      Sorry, not much use this time.......


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        Oh, hang on a minute.....(puts on anorak)

        Just looking at the matrix number for the UK issue of Learn To Love (D 017 016), it seems to follow the pattern of the German Decca releases.

        So, could the German cat. no. for Learn To Love be something like SLK 17 016-P? Or am I off my nut?


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          Lord Thames - you are what is technically known as a 'diamond geezer' - cheers! I'll look into the suggestiosn you very kindly made, and I'll post up track listings for these LPs later on today.