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  • Mansfield??

    Found this 45 the other day by the


    on CBS A side one road B side let me know , one side is arranged by kieth mansfield, and it sounds like the same band that did the OST for LOOT! not as good as that though, bit cheesy.

    anyone know of it

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    Mansfield was in the chair for their big hit 'Everlasting Love'. I don't think they are behind Loot (although I have nothing factual to base this on), the OST sounds like it's the work of Mansfield's library chums - that must be Hawkshaw on the organ at any rate. He did loads of production for CBS - The Peddlers, Marmalade, Selana Jones etc

    Love Affair reinvented themselves as L.A in 1970. and did a rather nice funky pop psyche LP called 'New Day' which is worth picking up for cheap.
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      Steve Ellis, the man who sang Loot's The Root, was actually the Love Affair's lead singer, so there is a connection.

      As was widely documented at the time, he was the only member of the band to actually appear on the hit - Keith Mansfield and his regular band of session men did all the rest. Known to have played on 'Everlasting Love' are Herbie Flowers (bass), Clem Cattini (drums), Alan Hawkshaw (piano) and Dennis Lopez (percussion). Alan Parker probably played guitar, and I bet Ray Davies was in the brass section too.

      Alan Hawkshaw arranged and conducted their second hit, Bringing On Back The Good Times - the actual other members of The Love Affair do appear on a couple of album tracks, but they were kept well out of the way of the singles.


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        When I interviewed Keith for my 'K is for Keith' article, he said that he always used Alan Hawkshaw as his keyboard player, and on 99.9% of Mansfield productions between 1967-1980, if there's a keyboard part, then it's Alan.


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          Originally posted by Lord Thames
          Steve Ellis, the man who sang Loot's The Root, was actually the Love Affair's lead singer, so there is a connection.
          That's what got me thinking it was the same band, I'll have to look out for that L.A. new day lp, sound's nice,

          interesting fact about the band not playing on the singles.



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            I have the Love Affair album somewhere (it's not where it should be ). The one with 'Everlasting Love' on it. I seem to recall it has a few nice tracks on it. The fact that it sounds like several different bands playing on one LP makes sense thanks to Lord T's post. I think 'Everlasting Love' is a pretty good pop song. Not one I'd choose to listen to but it's nicely done. The album has some more interesting rockier stuff on there though.