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Anyone read this thread over at deepfunk?

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  • Anyone read this thread over at deepfunk?

    Dunno how many of you folks visit the Deep Funk forum, but there's a thread titled 'what the f**k'... very interesting read, from what I gather, James Trouble had abused his moderator privilidges to edit someone else's post to blanket some info about the sale of a certain 45... I've never heard of this happening before (anyone else come across this type of thing?) but for me, I'm never posting there again... check it out!!

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    out-bloody-rageous from start to finish...
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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      I just read it! Amazing! What a dirty rotten scroundrel.

      Thats some nerve editing a web forum to *protect* the purchase of a record on the sly. Thats so far over the line its untrue. <- Changed URL


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        True that Nick/John ...

        I&#39;ve been pipped by auctions ending early quite a few times last one was; (hardly going to stay a secret with that title and soulstut affliation), however it is still annoying i didn&#39;t even get a crack.

        That message editing stuff is crazy thou, talk about incestuous ... sad really.
        working together for better bass and treble


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          It&#39;s a real shame when small dick mofo&#39;s have to flex their
          wallets to make them feel good about themselves...That&#39;s why I
          don&#39;t play that game no more. I like this board cause it&#39;s got a vibe no ones powerplaying the f_cking zombie/sheep funk 45 game. Those spoilt brats ruin good clean fun for all. rant rant
          never dug that whole site/forum/scene anyway. Man I&#39;m rolling now, Durge &amp; his undead henchmen act like the establishment.
          For them it&#39;s all about power,control &amp; influence (Nixon &amp; regime come to mind). Music is a free spirit, those cats recording &amp; pressing up 500 sides on a shoe string to sell at a gig knew this. Those gravediggers have some exotic capitalist neurosis.

          Big up all £5 pound diggers&#33;


          p.s. sorry to rant, being negative is not cool but certain purps
          exert too much control.
          Go on wit'cha bad elf


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            So, no &#39;appology&#39; (sic) from James and not likely to be. He thinks his actions are perfectly justified and that the &#39;matter is closed&#39;.

            Oh boy&#33;


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              Yet the same thread was over on Soulstut yesterday, and I&#39;m guessing that many of the same people read both boards no ?

              Pointless in the extreme...... unless protecting the increasingly masonic &#39;scene&#39; has any point anymore. I&#39;m suprised that Trouble didn&#39;t try to blame DDD

              Edit : I&#39;m double gatefold now &#33; Hurrah &lt;= Federico from BB icon
              Matt Hero


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                Oh dear &#33; That really is rather SAD Kind of why i don&#39;t go near that site. I definately won&#39;t be now &#33;


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                  After Brother Stapleton, now it&#39;s my turn&#33;

                  I dunno, in a way, I&#39;m kind of looking forward to what pearls of wisdom he&#39;s going to drop.

                  I just don&#39;t want to log back into that site though, even though the cheddar is going to be laughable.

                  Nick C. - are you sure you don&#39;t want to meet him? I&#39;ld love to be a fly on the wall, and I could arrange it.


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                    Perhaps we can get both &#39;Big&#39; Nicks Vs James Trouble in a WWF tag team champ.

                    The question is...who is going to team up with Trouble? Presenting the infamous &#39;Trouble&#39; Brothers (should that be chuckle brothers??)

           <- Changed URL


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                      &#39;To me, to you&#39;... I&#39;d love too witness that too - g&#39;wan Nick&#33; Mebbe we could advertise it as an attraction for the Fresh Brillo launch night (in addition to boogie-juice&#39;s record stall).

                      Where would Mr. Trouble and his beloved collection be without others passing on their knowledge? So it&#39;s nice to be on a well run, sharing, caring board (allbeit where the Chuckle Brothers turn up with a slightly disturbing regularity).

                      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                        Have they moved the URL? The last posting on the one I have is from March...


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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] (ladyboygrimsby @ 28 May 2003,11:57)]Have they moved the URL? The last posting on the one I have is from March...

                          That&#39;s the thread you might want.
                          Matt Hero


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                            Never visited that site (or is that &#39;shite&#39;?) before, probably won&#39;t again&#33;

                            I must say, you boys stood up and were counted. Fair play to all who posted.

                            This &#39;Trouble&#39; character - what a wanker&#33; His argument was redundant anyway, so why adopt this sanctimonious attitude I don&#39;t know. Been a recipient of it myself with some of Nottingham&#39;s deluded mediocre fish in a very small pond, it&#39;s the kind of thing that makes me want to detach myself from the digging scene and do something else with my time and money. But then you hit the VV site and your faith is restored&#33;

                            I&#39;d quite like to meet James Trouble myself, I&#39;ll be visiting my bro in Ipswich soon enough, is Chelmsford far??&#33;&#33; Big Nick may be Big, but that makes him obvious. It&#39;s the little fellas like me that can cause mayhem because we blend in. I&#39;m gonna go for him like Mr Shhhh from &#39;Things To Do In Denver...&#39;&#33;&#33; What a twat&#33; Gives us Brits a right bad name.

                            Incidentally, a couple of days ago I got asked to end one of my auctions early for £20 on the basis that the last one the chap had seen on eBay only went for cheap (i.e. he was doing me a favour - bless him&#33. I always say the same thing, it&#39;s not fair on someone who&#39;s added it to their watching page and intends to bid late on. I&#39;ve been in that position myself and it sucks cock when the item miraculously disappears.

                            Again, the VV site is held up as the Rebel Alliance of beatdigging. It may not be the biggest, but we got the Wookiee.

                            Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] (Rich Hero @ 28 May 2003,11:36)]So it&#39;s nice to be on a well run, sharing, caring board (allbeit where the Chuckle Brothers turn up with a slightly disturbing regularity).

                              Wait till I get started on wizbit

                              God damn the 80&#39;s ruled.

                     <- Changed URL