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Some library questions.

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  • Some library questions.

    Anybody who knows what theese sounds like?

    New Southern Library -Alan Hawkshaw's Universal Bulletin
    Ready Music -Moog II
    Sound Stage -Cutting Loose
    Studio G -Themes for many moods
    Parry Music Library -Smooth Groove
    KPM Music Recorded Library -Action World
    JW Music Library -Dramarama
    Cavendish Music -Vol. 1-6.
    KPM Music Recorded Library -Flutes of fancy
    Parry Music Library -Brass Colours


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    Ready Music Moog II - by Val Podlasinski. Early 80s electronic 'science and technology' type stuff.

    KPM Action World - By Keith Mansfield. More early 80s electronic, some tracks with brass. If you have KPM's 'Technology and Movement', you should know the sort of thing to expect.

    Cavendish Series 1 - by Various. Big band swing, plus some Bert Kaepmfert style tracks from Ray Davies. Also, 'Suspect No. 1', an excellent crime-jazz theme by Don Lusher.

    Cavendish Series 2 - by The Cavendish Ten. Swing with small brass section, one Alpert-type track, and 'Incandescence' by Neil Richardson, a nice moody latin track.