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  • wants scamming?

    I got this after posting a wants list on My first reaction was it looked dodge, but then I searched for the email address and found it used on a few record sites buying as well as selling and the website looks genuine what do you think should I go for it?

    Below is a reply to the want ad you posted on for the
    following item:

    Sandie Shaw - Reviewing The Situation (LP) - Will Pay: 35.00 GBP (66.02 USD)

    MESSAGE LEFT BY: [email protected]
    We are based in Armenia
    We have Sandie Shaw - Reviewing The Situation original 12'' vinyl.Its in
    excellent condition/brand new.We don't need this item and we want to ask you to
    swap it. We want some items from
    (Contact us back for links of items and if you're interested)
    If you do agree to buy them for us ,we will send you your item as soon as we
    receive e-mail from Eil that items has been shipped. And of course we will scan
    a proove letter from post office that your item has been shipped too. If you do
    interested in this offer please reply us as soon as possible.
    Note: We can accept cash by post too if you don't want to swap items.

    Best Regards
    George Smith @

    P.S. We may have other items that you'll be interested in and that not listed in
    our website. Reply us back with your list of wanted items
    My Mixcloud