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My humble record collection 4/2/05

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  • My humble record collection 4/2/05

    Here's my lil record collection!

    Sadly, a few years back, make that ten or so, I did what a lot of folks did at the time and sold off their records to get hip with the new thang... ie CD. So here's me starting again, but with more eclectic tastes than before.

    Giles, Giles & Fripp: Metaphormosis

    McDonald & Giles: McDonald & Giles

    Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram: OST

    Hare Rama HareKrishna: OST

    The VicLewis Orchestra: The Boy in the Saffron Robe

    Sonny Stitt: What's New!!!

    Virginia Astley: From Gardens Where We Feel Secure

    Various Artists: Nice Enough To Eat

    Melanie: Candles in the Rain

    Catapilla: Catapilla

    Fireballet: Night on Bald Mountain

    Earth & Fire: Song of the Marching Children

    Jean-Pierre Rampal: Beethoven Chamber Music for Flute

    Eric Robinson: World of Film Music

    Ronnie Aldrich: & His Two Pianos withe the London Festival Orchestra

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    If you ever pass near NYC I'll get you 100 vinyls for $100, including some Rampal getting a smidge funky on his flute.

    Now feel sorry for me: when I went off to college my mum's house got robbed and some smack head got his hands on my lean but mean hip hop LP collection, and an LP that I bought when I was 12 and I've never seen anywhere again: Great British MCs, the first LP on Fashion, 1985. Just got one of the tunes (papa levi) on 12" the other day but it ain't the best one. About 150 records were in a stack on my bed waiting to be transported to Brighton, so the thief just lifted the lot... all except a classic raregroove-techno tune: Psychotropic - Hypnosis, which was at the bottom.
    Apart from getting back an old Grandmaster Melle Mel LP that my little brother was trying to sell for about 50p, 1994 was my year zero. I got some of the records back (funny story). But not the hip hop LPs. I think these events have something to do with the reason I am overdoing it on the digging these days. Maybe one day I'll be reunited with them. Especially miss my german press 3XDope and EPMD. Ah, one day.....