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  • Bruton Library Records.

    Can someone tell me which of the Bruton series are good! Is it only the first few, or does it go right up to the first twenty or so that were issued? (don't want the 80s sounding synth only records)
    Any help with info would be appreciated (such as, are all the John Cameron's good)
    Mark GV Taylor

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    Personally I hate brutons because they are too late and too 'clean' sounding.

    The ones I know people want are -

    Drama Montage Vols 1 & 2
    Fantasia <- Changed URL


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      Heavy Rock has a couple of nice tracks on it and is more funkier than the name suggests.


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        Depends what your after really. Is it for sampling or EAR pleasure?
        Personally, I think most Brutons suck. I've had quite a few and it can turn into a painful process when listening through the lil swines trying to find anything good! You start to get into the---'there must be some gold in these here parts somewhere !!'---routine. You say to yourself, maybe the next one will be better.... The next one surely will be better.... THE NEXT BETTER HAVE SOMETHING... OR ELSE !! ...... AHH !!!! ..... COME ON!!!!GRR!!!!

        A few have maybe one or two decent tracks. If your into a disco-funk library kinda thing then you will like the good parts of Bruton as a lot of it fall's into that category. OK. Most of the good ones tend to have Orange or Red Covers (but of course not all). Be warned... there are some howlers barking at the moon amoungt them. --what no wolf smilie type thing?? --- I'll try and get a small list up at some point, I guess you'll be hit with the usual hit-list soon enough though...
        I'll tell you what............. What.
        What ?


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          Thanks for the info guys.

          I wondered what the David Snell & James Clark albums are like, are they crap?
          Mark GV Taylor