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  • Rise all ye proggers!

    The band will be playing selected shows in the UK and Europe during July and August.

    The Guardian, 10th February: "Van Der Graaf Generator, the influential experimental rock band fronted by Peter Hammill, have re-formed. They will be releasing a double CD of new material on April 25, and tickets for their first gig in 28 years (at London's Royal Festival Hall on May 6) have already sold out, despite no official announcement."

    JUDGE SMITH will also be performing on the 6th May, at lunchtime. The gig starts at 1pm at the Cobden Club, 170-172 Kensal Road, London W10 5BN. Email [email protected] with the number of tickets required for further information. Tickets are £10/£11, and this is a ticket only event.
    Judge's new album "The Full English" will also be launched on this occasion.
    The Judge Smith gig is also now
    sold out.

    Hugh Banton, Guy Evans, Peter Hammill and David Jackson will perform at the Royal Festival Hall in London on May 6th 2005. Tickets were available from the RFH box office ( but the show appears now to be sold out.
    There will also be a new CD release in the first quarter of 2005.
    Further information about the reunion concerts and CD Peter Hammill's new album "Incoherence" released in March 2004.
    Check out for further information and ordering facility. <- Changed URL

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    Looks like they already rose.

    Well if they come over here I'd probably go though I missed Caravan recently 'cos they were playing miles away.
    Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

    John Peel


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      Wallace be tinkin' : Annit a bit o' th'co-inkydinky tha' 5 minutes arfter ah announces mesell tae dis group, this here prog threid cum oop?

      Sermad, me young pup, YER BAITIN' WALLACE ARRINT YE?

      Take care th'Prince o' Eagles noo do a Highland Clearance on yer jaxie!

      Yer wantin' tae 'av sum fun wiv awld Wallace, ehh?

      How dis fer fun?:

      Shart while back, ah made oop dis here humerous threid fer an abysmally gimcrack prog discussion group.
      Naedoubt muckle o' dis will be way ower th'wee haid o' yer average Vulture, but here be a go anyway:


      BANKS & HOWE "Happy Together"
      MAGMA "The Dance Mixes"
      COMUS & HORSE "Songs of Praise To Jesus"
      ELP "Love Beach Revisited"
      AL DEMIOLA "Masstah Soul Brother"
      ZAPPA "Unreleased Jewels and Out Takes"
      KEITH EMERSON "Lessons in humility"
      ROBERT FRIPP "Bob in RIO"
      KING CRIMSON "Experiments in 4/4"
      GREG LAKE "For Guys Who Go Plump In the Night"
      GREG LAKE,IAN ANDERSON,DOLLY PARTON (with KEITH EMERSON on steam calliope): "Ham, Eggs and Steamed Bristols"

      VA "HHAI Y'ALL" (Country & Western Swing Tribute to Magma)
      JON ANDERSON WITH SPARKS "Hits of Barry White"
      PETER HAMMILL "Shut Up and Play Your Guitar"
      GOBLIN "The Disney Collection"
      KING CRIMSON "Tuneless and Were Bloody Back"
      SHUB NIGGURATH "The Children's Songs"
      ELP "welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Should Have Ended 30Years Ago"

      HOWE AND ANDERSON "Yummy Clobbered Seal Pup With A Pinch Of Ambergris"

      hENRY COW "For Your Dancing Pleasure"
      PHIL COLLINS,DON KNOTTS AND WALLY COX "We're Your Sexy Daddies Tonight!"

      KATHIE LEE GIFFORD,JACK & KELLY OSBOURNE "Featuring The Inhuman Host & The Heavy Metal Kids" (Fairst tyme ah heard this, ah nearly ripp'd mesell wiv larfin'. Nivvar larf'd sae muckle since gran got her dugs awl tangl'd opp in th'mangle)

      KEITH RICHARDS "On A Day Of Crystalline Thought" (Okay -grant'd: yew gotta be a psychehaid tae unnerstaund thissun)

      ELMER FUDD "Does Lou Weed"

      MICK JAGGER "Fried Lips and Cheese"

      ELECTRIC DYLAN "My Fondest Memories of Newport Folk Festival ,July '65"

      JACKSON "If I could Do It All over Again, I'd Do It All Over You"

      Thare's mair, but ah'm bein' press'd tae do a Forest Gump in th'nearest terlet.


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        I borrowed a Van Der Graaf Generator casette from the library when I was a teenager, maybe because Johnny Rotten had said he liked 'em.

        F***in' terrible!
        Endless Tripe


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          cassettes? worse than CDs!!
          We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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            Originally posted by john stapleton
            cassettes? worse than CDs!!
            Maybe the format played some kind of a part...but at a tender age it cast a kinda of pall over me that i have never been able to quite shake off....
            Endless Tripe


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              I think VdGG are one of those bands that chage quite a bit from album to album, though, so one probably isn't enough to get a fair view of their output.

              Having said that, I'm still finding them a bit difficult to get in to, myself!