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    Does anybody here abouts know of any satanic music that is presented in anything other than a Death/Dark Metal or Goth form .

    Is there a country and western band prepared to sing the praises of old nick? Is there a big band leader who always plays inside a Pentagram? Can anyone recall a black mass disco idol?

    I'm not thinking of one of songs pandering to fashion (Sympathy for the Devil etc), rather something that's more the real deal.

    Does everything by Faust count?
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    Coontry musik St Nick?
    Aisy-listenin' Beezelboobs?
    Ye gotta be off yer chump, laddie!
    Mebbe too muckle o' th' J.Arfur Rank in yer spare tyme?

    Here be sum songs specific-like tae do wif th'deevil, or Auld Cloutie as we callit His 'Orribleness here inna awld warld.
    Nivvar fear, nane o' dis lot be feckin' goth or 'eavy Metal, or any o' tha kack.

    PROCOL HAREM -The devil came from Kansas

    HOUSTON FEARLESS - run like the Devil

    BLACK WIDOW -sacrifice

    TRIFLE -Devil Coming

    DRAGON -Lucifer

    DANDO SHAFT -Black Prince

    SPUD -Farmer's wife

    BRUCE HAACK -word

    MR FLOOD -Prince of darkness

    MUSHROOM -the devil and the tailor

    BLOODROCK -whisky vengance

    GUN -race for the Devil

    BABYLON -mote in God's Eye (fergive Wallace, but dis here be PROG!)

    BILL BRUFORD -beezelbub

    SECOND HAND -Lucifer & the Egg

    EL RITUAL -Satanas

    DIES IRAE -Lucifer

    HAYSTACKS BALBOA -auburn queen

    MELLOW CANDLE -Don the Wing

    STEVE HACKETT -devil is an Englishman (sassenach)

    RUTH WHITE -litanies of Satan

    GORDON GILTRAP - Lucifer's Cage (an instroomental -doth it coount?)

    LOS BRINCOS -Devil World Body (or summat like tha -ah fergits th'title)


    DILLINGER -transform

    SPECTRUM -your friend and mine

    RODYS -gods of evil (weel...not specifik 'bout deevil, but it be a rum guid track, by Jupiter!)


    Are ye dispos'd tae hear sum titles 'bout evil in generool...or perversioon?
    Be glad tae oblige ye, jist gie us a holler.

    Hawld yer shnoze! Ah jist cut t'dog summat arful!


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      Wallace gorts it!
      Coontry music Deevil:

      Louvin Brothers "Satan is Real"

      (Youse can awl clap now.)


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        There is a Stanley Black album called Satan Superstar which is mainly orchestral music from devil-themed films such as Rosemary's Baby. Satan himself gets to say a few words in Satan Speaks.
        It ain't shakey


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          Don't know if they made records (I'd be surprised if they didn't at some point) but I'd guess the film soundtracks of Kenneth Anger and the LA-based head of the Church Of Satan Anton Le Vay (sp? was linked to Jayne Mansfield at one point, wasn't he?) would be prime candidates to have put stuff out in this vein.

          The CA Quintet's 'Trip Thru Hell' (on Sundazed reissue) is excellent horn/organ psych, and the 'Black Mass' on the White Noise LP is pretty damn scary - especially on a pair of headphones and turned all the way up to 11.
          What about that bootleg that did the rounds of Charles Manson's Beach Boys style demo songs? Never heard it, but that might count as well...
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            That Charles manson stuff has been officially released, looky here


            Throbbing Gristle and other P-orridge productions, aren't specificaly related to the worship of satan, But are, on the whole, down right evil and twisted. Im sure P-orridge worshipped satan at some point or another.

            A guy by the name of Monte Gazazza, made some pretty evil music. The sickest, most twisted piece of music I think I've ever heard was by him, to disturbing to interpret.


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              Yer spaikin' o' th' BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL "Lucifer Rising".
              Dis ha' jist bin put tae cd.

              Wallace ha' nivvar 'eard it, but someain 'avin' it on VINYL tells Wallace it be raither Krautrocky!


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                Anton Le Vay did release an album (in the 70s, I believe). I'm not sure if it is a straight Black Mass reading or what, but it is out there (meaning available). I'm sure it's "out there" as well.....


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                  Fer a lang, facsernaterin' 8 page deal onna BeauSoleil & Freedom Orchestra story,
                  gang tae:

         (put "BeauSoleil" inter th'archive search)

                  Wallace gives, yew takes.


                  Wiv cooncent o' prison officials ,th' wark "Lucifer Rising" wert record'd in '77.
                  Article be a-mentionin' : trumpet,electeronics made frae scratch,Morricone/Floyd guitar-jam sound, atonal-guff, "free rock soundtrack"....

                  2cd set put oot by Arcanum.
                  Bonus material -Orkustra . San Fran '66 band wiv pre-Its A Beautiful Day connects.


                  Reely - nuffin' tae do wiv Lucifer,
                  but anyhoots
                  bow down fer th'Cloven One shall now enter yer jaxie-danny!


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                    A friend of mine wrote a small article about Satanic techno-music. He writes about three artists:
                    Peter Mlakar - associated with and collaborating with Laibach

                    Disciples of Belial - supposedly a British collective, calling themselves a coven led by Quorthon - the High Equimantus of Azagthoth - who according to a rumour was arrested outside London while eating a 3-month old baby

                    Drop Bass Network - perhaps not as serious, bored American teenagers started calling their rave parties "techno-pagan rituals" - where metalheads and ravers could meet.

                    Also - several bands are affiliated with Church Of Satan - including Blood Axis off the top of my mind right now, but there are several others...
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                    and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


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                        Wallace supposes maist on dis forum ha' seen Alan Zweig's pitchur "Vinyl", th'twa hour docoomentery on th'lp orbsessiooon.
                        Canada bein' a coontry kenn'd baist fer its docoomenteries, its remarkable dis film won award fer baist docoomentery fer th'year!
                        Anyhoots, Louvin Brothers lp be mentioon'd onna film as bein' rather flippin' incredibool rare as rockin' horse doo-dah'd knickers be. But inna film we gang tae a collector's feckin' warehouse, and he be pullin' oot multiple copies o' said rarity!


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                          The Anton LaVey album if memory serves is pretty much cheesy lounge organ, so maybe our dark lord is a bit more easy going than he's made out to be? I guess we all need our 'quiet time'.


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                            That Louvin Brothers were, I believe, firmly on the side of the Lord. And good on em for that.

                            But wasn't there a James Brown production credited to The Devil?

                            Also, Arthur Brown's Faustian "Fire".
                            Endless Tripe


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                              The great Empire of NEW ZEALAND would like to contribute:

                              Timberjack "Come to the Sabbat"

                              ...apparently this is a cover so I guess there's the original to add to the list also. (Dunno who's responsible)