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  • Cilla!! (bline derr dayyte)

    Just picked up this LP from a local charity shop.

    "Cilla Black, step inside love" on MFP 'sounds Superb'

    I would normally flick straight past this kinda record, but the nice cover artwork lured me to read the back of the LP's sleeve. I then find out the LP was arranged and conducted by library meistro 'Mike Vickers' in 1968. For 10p it was under my arm and taken home for listening. I was not expecting anything great, I had put my hopes into the Animal kwackers LP I had picked up at the same time. To my surprise (surprise surprise ) the cilla black LP has a couple of worthwhile tunes, in a particular "Yo Yo" a really nice up tempo northern soul thing. Not quite good enough for my swap CD but still an exellent track.

    The records new to me aswell as the groovy skills of Ms Cilla Blaaack, Im no northarn soul buff, far from it.

    Anyone know this? or any other Cilla gems?

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    Vinylism charted a Cilla Black 45 a few months back but I don't recall what it was and the charts are obviously gone for the minute. Mike Vickers worked with Cilla rather. I'm guessing there's a few Cilla gems to be found.


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      Originally posted by Blighty
      I'm guessing there's a few Cilla gems to be found.
      I know there's some groovy arrangements (a la Tom Jones/Johnny Harris) to be had, but that voice is like dragging your knuckles down a cheesegrater as far as I'm concerned. If there are any instrumental b-sides, though...
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        I knew there'd be a few funky skeletons in Cilla's closet - you don't spend that long in the company of Mike Vickers, Johnny Scott or Johnny Harris without some of their talent rubbing off on you!

        I actually rather like her hit 'Surround Yourself With Sorrow', a product of a school of songwriting that only seemed to exist between 1967-70 for some reason. Marvellous stuff.

        I also love 'If I Though You'd Ever Change Your Mind', a John Cameron composition no less, though I'm not overly fond of her delivery - much prefer the Alan Caddy cover, or even the Agnetha Faltskog version from last year!


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          My first reaction to her vocals was a the typical uhhh.. but giving her a second chance she has a rather intersting voice, notably on the more softer quiter song's. Im sure it would be popular with the ladies dropped in a mix at the right time. Bit of a novalty but the occasional novalty is good I think


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            I have to admit to owning a few Cilla LP's. Mind you, I agree with the voice comments (Alfie comes to mind )

            Nice version of a Tim Hardin song on one LP, and the Lennon/McCartney tune that was a single is nice (not Step Inside Love). I can't get to the LP's at the moment so can't recall the song titles.
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              Poor old Cilla. I find it hard to be objective about her voice because everytime I hear it I think of her caterwalling through the 'Surprise Surprise' theme. A lot of singers from the Sixties and Seventies that I grew up hating (Elkie Brooks, Sandie Shaw, Petula Clark all spring to mind) have made a few superb records I've discovered in recent years - often via the Vinyl Vulture community. I haven't quite plucked up the courage to start trawling through the dozens of Cilla Black sevens I see every time I'm out rummaging but no doubt I will soon.