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God i love being on holiday.....again

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  • God i love being on holiday.....again

    So I'm on holiday again, tough life being a teacher!!

    Just got back from a 4 day stag in Belfast, to bloody hung over to do any digging, anyway I've made up for it over the last couple of days. Here's what I've found in the local charities:


    Dennis Coffey - Scorpio

    John Dankworth - Telford's Change - I keep turning up copies of this growling funky flute number. (Double)

    Youngers Tartan - Scottish Magic - Quite a funky promo flexi.


    Donald Byrd - Dominoes / Wind Parade

    Azymuth - Jazz Carnival / Fly Over the Horizon

    Lowrell - Mellow Mellow Right On (Double)

    Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight (Double)

    George Duke - Brazillian Live Affair / Summer Breezin

    Divine Sounds - What People do for Money / Dollar Bill Dub Dub


    Geoff Love - Big Terror Themes - Umpteenth copy of Three Days of the Condor (Double)

    Pete Winslow - Last Tango in Paris (Double)

    Super Stereo Sensation - Birds and Brass plus others (Double)

    Soft Rock - Not sure who this is by, can anyone help??

    The Aquarians - Hair - The one with Pete Rock breaks.....apparently (Double)

    Redifussion - Stereo Sampler - Come the Redifussion Stereo Sampler shortage, I wil be well prepared!

    Michel Legrand - Windmills of my Mind - This seems to be getting quite a lot of attention lately, (Double)

    Klaus Wunderlich - Bei Nacht - Summertime, see Redifussion Stereo Sampler!! (Double)

    Paul Mauriat - Stereo Spectacular - Etude in form of R and B (Double)

    Max Greger - In the Night - Features the track Big Train, groovy stuff indeeed!!

    Merry Clayton - Keep your Eye on the Sparrow - Greta version of title tune

    Best find so far.......

    Leo's Sunship - We Need Each Other - I've had the reissue of this for about 5 years now, great to find a mint original in the upstairs room of a Save the Children. This used to go for close to £100 a few years back, any ideas on its value now??

    That's it for now......keep em peeled.

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    You spawny get!

    Well done Mate, I visit charities (like everyone else I guess) regularly and get shit all. I am green with envy over what you pick up.

    I thought I'd done well getting a Leo's Sunshipp last year for £15 but that takes the biscuit.

    It goes for abou £60-£80 now I think.
    He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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      Soft rock - Im presuming this is the nick ingman lp....any possible way I can have this off you? <- Changed URL


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        Sermad, I can&#39;t see any reference to Nick Ingman on the cover. Describe the cover and I&#39;ll let you know if mine is the one.


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          If it&#39;s not the Ingman, is it the totally anonymous one on Boulevard? A load of Ventures-type guitar tunes with no credits whatsoever. Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

          That Younger&#39;s Tartan record is a cracker - my having a copy of that almost makes up for me passing up on a &#39;Rhythm &amp; Crunch&#39; ten years ago.......


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            It is on Boulevard, so I take it it&#39;s not the Ingman??


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              isn&#39;t it by &#39;equinox&#39;? - or is that &#39;hard rock&#39; on boulevard?
              We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                &#39;Hard Rock&#39; is by the Equinox on Boulevard.

                The Ingman record is on (I think) Philips, and is credited to a group with a name like &#39;Explosion&#39;, or &#39;Impulsion&#39; or something like that - I&#39;m sure Sermad has the right answer.

                The Boulevard &#39;Soft Rock&#39; has nothing to do with Nick Ingman - though who was actually responsible for it is a complete mystery. It&#39;s in the style of the Shadows or the Ventures, and it&#39;s not bad if you like that sort of thing. It&#39;s actually mentioned on the VV site - they&#39;re not overly impressed with it, it has to be said......


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                  Just a few bits today, better luck maybee tomorrow??

                  John Dankworth - The &#036;1,000,000 Collection - Has the Gang Starr sample that&#39;s driving Ebay wild&#33;&#33;

                  Schooly D - Saturday Night - Classic Hip Hop from &#39;87, what&#39;s that I hear you say??? Dated?

                  Astrud Gilberto - Holiday - This really is a great lp. The track Beginnings is pure summer bliss, also has a great version of Light my Fire and Let&#39;s Go. (Double)

                  Streetwise Vol 1 - The First Three Years - This is basically a double album comp of the releases on Morgan Khan&#39;s Streetwise lp. This is packed full of classics, my fav is probably the Hip Hop / Electro side with UTFO, Al Naafiysh, Two Three Break and more.

                  Let&#39;s see what tomorrow will bring


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] ]John Dankworth - The &#036;1,000,000 Collection - Has the Gang Starr sample that&#39;s driving Ebay wild&#33;&#33;
                    What&#39;s it going for Ilmod1?
                    You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                      Records for today:

                      Michael Polnareff - Soundtrack to Lipstick - some very interesting music on here and highly sampable moments (Double)

                      Joe Tex - I Gotcha - Loads of funk on here inc the title track and You Said a Bad Word, amongst others.

                      Travis Wammack - Not For Sale - Swampy funk rock stuff, nice&#33;

                      Ross - The Pit and the Pendulum - I got a copy of this in SF around 6 years ago and I have to say that itis one of the funkiest soulful rock lp&#39;s that I&#39;ve heard. (Double)

                      2nd Chapter of the Acts - In the volume of the Book - Christian wierdness with a break.

                      Hemet High School Ensemble and Symphonic Band - It&#39;s that Time Again - High school band lp that looks like it&#39;s going to be funky with tracks like Yoda&#39;s Groove&#33;&#33;