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    Anyone here familiar wiv dis beast?
    Good library lps frae France,Italy,...?

    Any recommendits lps?

    (Wallace ha' no innerest in lps lard'd wiv covers. An, please, no disco-beat sharn either.)

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    Not sure if it is late 60s or early 70s

    But "a new exciting experience" by "the free pop electronic concept" from Belgium as ace with loads of groovy tunes with electronic effects.
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      Aye, Free Pop, is a goodun. Wallace has it - asteroid sound erffecks an' all.
      This be th' Belgian duo Jess & James. Their fairst lp "same" be smackin' , coonfooundedly guid organ-drenched psychy , but th'secoond lp is too muckle lik Spencer Davis/ R&b- gaff fer me taste .


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        Check out Piero Umilianis elecronic library work- I have a 2LP compilation that has some incredible stuff on it.
        Sven Libaek's Solar Flare is probably great - I have one or two tracks from it on a comp.
        I have one italian library record by Mario Molina (i think, at work now so i can't check) that's got some good moog-tracks.
        Italian library comps like Stroboscopia etc usually has some excellent stuff.
        Of course there's lots of goodies on the Blow-Up comps, and also I have a comp with tracks from the french Montparnasse library label that's great.
        The Electronic Toys vol1 on QDK Media has lots of electronic tracks from German library records - unfortunately most are quite short and all are not all that interesting in my opinion.
        From Sweden(!) then - Hans Edlers experimental electronic album Elektron Kukeso has had some attention the last years, mainly because of Sonic Youth's praise - actually I've never heard it (original is rare as hell), but it's been reissued on CD with bonus tracks.

        Not collecting library originals (but happily picking up comps) this is the best I can offer as recommendations.
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          Tanks Bomb, mebbe ah'll git in touch wiv yer.

          Frae Sweden, Wallace bein' deevilish big fan o' Ralph Lundsten's warks.
          Earlay 'lectric lps ha' him using dis varra, crisp "square wave" elektruniks.
          Ah gorts his varra rare "Mums" lp. An' maist o' his coverarts be flippin' exceptioonul -will reely flip yer wig,mon!

          Anither rare ain be on Shandar label - "Sand" lp by ...feck it! Ah fergits jist now. Ah gots it, an' thare be muckle slaver'd ower it inna press, but as far as Wallace be consarn'd -tis drool wastid. Dinnae lose any o' yer Shylocks (readies) ower dis ain.

          Any hooman beins heard Ole Hansen's "The Dome"?


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            wallace mate. please sort your grammar and spelling out!

            its really poor. sorry!

            For electronic libs check out lots of Illustration musicale. 100% electronic has some belters.

            The umiliani 'todays sound' is staggering and if I had the notes I would plop it down for this in a second. Really funky orchestral moogy business.
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              Originally posted by sermad
              wallace mate. please sort your grammar and spelling out!

              its really poor. sorry!

              yeah it's a pain in the arse trying to decipher half of what you're on about!

              seconded on the illustration musicale tip as well...eddie warner's the man...



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                By Jove, but thare's sum audacioous pups onna dis site!
                Noo lack o' th'chutzpah, tha's fer certes.

                Ye cum richt outta th'blue an' take a whack at puir Wallace's cormand o' Engerlish!
                Weel ah nivvar!
                Th' coonfoound'd impudence, sirs!
                Didst Wallace wed awl yer sisters, tha' ye gits awl familiar wif Wallace?
                Ah doan gang 'rund critersizin' yer speech, do ah?

                Hang it all, lads, but wot damn'd, feckin' cheek!


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                  some good Tele music LP's with an electronic flavour. Bernard estardy's Electro sounds vol 2. Another exellent LP estardy did was Electronics, also on tele music. Am still waiting to hear Electro sounds volume 1. Giampiero Boneschi did some exellent work for the italian CAM label, I dont think all his stuff is great,he's produced alot of lib's, but he has made some beaut's. And of course Anthony king a.k.a. synthersizers unlimited produced the exellent Electrik bazaar on Peer and features on 'Lost star' also on peer with the exellent 'fillagree funk' i gotta get this LP. I know Jacky giordano had at least one moog outing with his 'Philopsis' library LP on freesound, a real peculiar record not what you would expect. Also worth noting two absolute gem's on freesound 2 'Ovation' burblr pie and petrol flowin. 'Harlem pop trotters' get the reissue while you can it's well worth it.

                  Purely out of curiosity does anyone know the nationality of Anthony king? a brit by any chance?

                  I'll have to look out for that 'free pop electronic concept' sounds good


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                    all the freesounds are wicked - philopsis being the best. The mix of mental synths and hoofing drums on it just begger belief!
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                      I have yet to get freesound 3 4 & 5, I have heard parts of schifters no Idea what the others are like. Philopsis I find real strange, I like it alot, of course 'steel mongoes and magolia' are exellent but I always feel unsure of it, dunno why, it's a definate grower.
                      I have been listening to Ovation recently, I got this a while ago but had only really listened to the two electronic tunes, as these were the only ones I had recorded to my PC. Have recently been listening to it from beginning to end, and have been appreciating it alot more, has a real nice folk, jazz vibe to it.

                      Got my self an mp3 player, Have downloaded a few Lib lp's from PC onto it. Has been getting me through the data entry temp job I have at the mo 'uhhhh'...
                      I find some library lp's deserve to be listened to from beginning to end, they really work as a whole LP

                      Are there only 6 freesounds?


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                        Challenger is Freesound 3. Its good but not as good as philopsis or understood.

                        Schifter is Freesound 4. I put one of the tracks on my psych micks. Great stuff.

                        Crank is Freesound 5. Has one track which is pure hip hop drums then goes mental. I had this with a green sleeve and sold it. So I need it back with a proper sleeve.

                        There are 6 freesounds but I heard whispers of 7-8 but Ive never seen them.
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                          Originally posted by maWhie
                          Purely out of curiosity does anyone know the nationality of Anthony king? a brit by any chance?
                          I believe so, yes - I assume it's the same one who wrote a few songs for the early, psych-era Status Quo?


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                            Yeah I've seen Crank in the green sleeve, I thought that was the proper sleeve.

                            freesound 7 and 8!! oh my!


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                              So tha' would be ESTARDY & FEANCH "ELECTRONICS" '70 wiv bland slip-cover?
                              Any hoomans experienc'd this?:
                              ANARCHIC SYSTEM 'SUSPENSE' French/Belgium? moog space funk

                              An' wha's yer take on these? (not electronik):

                              BERNARD LUBAT -'VIBRATIONS VOL 1 & 2" tele

                              S. PARK 'CONSTELLATION' '84 de wolfe

                              HEIR -POLLUTION '69 UK wahwah, fuzz bass like COS

                              M. DORAN - ELECTRIC ORGAN SHOWCASE '70 de wolfe

                              CLAUDE ENGEL -99% POP LP '72 exMagma fuzz hammond lib