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Jimmy Smith Tribute - From UK's Legend

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  • Jimmy Smith Tribute - From UK's Legend

    Rev Cleatus's organ afficianado -Greg Boraman- recently received this from Britains very own Hammond Hero - Mr Auger. It's a great tribute to the man that first tore up the B3 and Leslie combo and paved the way for so many great artists and records ever since...


    The passing away of the great Jimmy Smith means the passing away of the
    greatest inspirational player of the Hammond B3 in Jazz History. I have
    always said that Jimmy was the "Daddy" of all us Modern Organ Players
    and his passing has given me time to reflect upon just how vast his
    influence was on the instrument. It has taken me years to develop my own
    sound and to step away from the burgeoning school of Hammond players who
    all sound like Jimmy, as I did when I first began to play the B3,
    because Jimmy had developed such an exciting, seductive and hip sound on
    the instrument. When somebody first mentioned Jazz and Organ to me, they
    seemed to have nothing in common. This was because the only organ sounds
    that I was familiar with, when growing up, were the church pipe organ
    and the great Wurlitzer Theatre Organ that would appear at the local
    cinema during the interval, and would invariably start with The
    Dambusters March!

    When passing my local record store in Shepherds Bush Market I heard
    this amazing sound emanating from their outside speakers. I rushed in
    because I didn't recognise this sound and demanded to know whose record
    was playing. They showed me the cover to Back at the Chicken Shack,
    which I promptly purchased, and which proceeded to change my life
    radically. Were it not for that album I would not have purchased my
    first Hammond which has est me up with a world - wide career spanning
    forty years. When I first met Jimmy I thanked him for his inspirational
    playing and explained that if it were not for him I probably would not
    have come to the USA and had the great times I have enjoyed. His wife,
    Lola, a beautiful and elegant lady, honoured me on that occasion by by
    saying that she thought that many people had 'taken' from Jimmy, but she
    thought that I had been influenced but I had really gone my own way. At
    the time I had won the Keyboard Magazine Jazz organ Poll two years in a
    row, and I thought how gracious it was of her to say that.

    Last year jimmy played at the Catalina Bar & Grill here in Los in Los
    Angeles, I decided to take my son Karma . We were knocked out with
    Jimmy's performance. On entering the bandroom I introduced Karma, who
    greeted Jimmy saying "It's an honour to meet you Jimmy, and now I know
    who my Dad gets it all from!" Jimmy told me that he couldn't believe how
    old he was getting. I told him that it hadn't slowed him up any. He
    seemed in very good spirits and he really turned it on in the second
    set. I am saddened by his passing ,but he has left us such a rich
    catalogue of fantastic music. Yes, The King is Dead ,but he will live

    Brian Auger L.A. Feb 11 2005.

    ************************************************** ********

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    There are rumours of James Taylor (JTQ) doing some sort of tribute gig at a Mean Fiddler venue TBC... would be well worth popping along methinks.
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      Jimmy wert th'turnin'point.

      Be it okay, iffin' Wallace cut an' paste dis article onter a prog discussion board,Cheeba?


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        Originally posted by wallace
        Jimmy wert th'turnin'point.

        Be it okay, iffin' Wallace cut an' paste dis article onter a prog discussion board,Cheeba?

        You'd like to use the text in it's entirity on another message board in respective of the discussion of progressive rock?

        I think that'll be a yes if you quote the source/context

        Greg may already have mentioned this tribute on the radio 6 funk show the other day...


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          Tanks, guv'nor Cheeba.

          Ermmm...wots th'source?


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            Originally posted by wallace
            Tanks, guv'nor Cheeba.

            Ermmm...wots th'source?

            Rev Cleatus's organ maestro -Greg Boraman- recently received this from "our Bri" in an email...