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    hi everyone,
    i have a question about bruno spoerri. i meet him a vew weeks ago and i had a nice talk with him. it's always funny to see the surprising in the faces of those "old" musicians when a "young" guy is asking for the 70's releases of them. ("you know me?!?..")
    anyway, he gave me a cd with some unreleased songs from the 70's and asked me if i know some labels who could be interessted in that stuff. i told him that i will check out if i can find someone who could be able to release that. the problem is that i'm not really familar with 70's moog experimental stuff and i dont know labels which maybe wanna do that.

    knows somebody of you people/labels who could be interested? every tip,idea or adress is appreciate!

    many thanks!

    can you explain to me what this word means?

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    Errrr, if this shit is in any way [and I mean in any way] like his one sided mayhem for the Electroniciens Promo 45, I'd godamn set up the label myself!

    Outside of that, my mate has a very interesting label for just this kinda bizniz and I'd be very happy to speak with him.

    Others might include Duophonic, Warp maybe.

    You might consider trying Andy Votel who has the lovely Twisted Nerve label and has only recently put out Vannier's long unsung genius recording, "L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches" on the even lovelier Finder's Keeper's label. Reach him here on the board by PM to Doko-Eno.
    it's time for some heartbeats


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      hey man, thanks for the info's. i wil try it with those people. bruno's music is really exciting in really in that style of this 45!!!..

      mucho gracias

      can you explain to me what this word means?