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  • Studio2Stereo

    Hello everyone.

    Just ran across this site and dropped in to say 'Hi'.

    Ok, so, I'm (just) 40 and have very happy memories saving up pocket money and popping into Boots or HMV to get the latest single or (occasionally) album. So far, so good...

    It could've been over-exposure to the test card or transmitter information slots on 70's TV that had me reaching for the 'Sound Gallery' and (later) 'Sound Spectrum' cd's a few years back, but things were looking decidedly cheesier on the music-front.

    The final nail in the coffin was buying a KPM 'Green Label sessions' compilation cd about a year ago. Any additions to my Ornette Coleman, Oliver Nelson, Miles, Horace Silver, etc collections were looking unlikely from now on. Old English 'Lounge' vinyl is the centre of attention these days.

    I've started with any Studio2Stereo lps I can get my hands on. I have about 30 so far. Such a strange assortment of stuff (and the odd gem).

    I'd like to continue collecting in this area but I'd love some advice re. what to look out for. I hope you can see where I'm coming from, so, any answers would be really welcome.



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    Nice to have you on board, Eddie. Have you checked out the Studio2 section on the website?

    Not sure if that page is part of the new setup on the site yet, but you can access it from there. Enjoy.


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      Thanks Wooly.

      Yep. The Studio2Stereo section is what brought me here in the first place.
      It's a great site. I'll have better look round when time allows.




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        hmmm....I spy another Bristol head. I think that makes 5 now!!! Welcome aboard sir!!
        We know when a mate buys it for you too.