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    Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post

    Just the best. Takes me somewhere else whenever I put it on. For the best version go to Hugh Bean with Sir Adrian Boult or Nigel Kennedy with Simon Rattle- he really knocks out a stunning version. Some people have an aversion to Nigel Kennedy but he is extremely good and he really delivers a definitive performance. While we are on RVW his "Serenade to Music" is super, and simply reeks of England. I'm a huge fan of English music (although it's often though of as parochial, and underwhelming by people with no soul) so I'd also big-up "The Curlew" by Peter Warlock and anything by Delius- although Delius himself was not that keen on the old country. Even if you don't like "The Curlew" it's well worth reading up on Philip Heseltine ("Warlock's" real name). He had quite a life, and was a real character.
    Thanks for the info - it's definitely transcendental insofar as a piece of music can be in my book - would quite like to have it on wax - would that be an easy thing to acquire??


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      thanks to all who've posted... so much to listen to!
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        Originally posted by captainwilloughby View Post
        Thanks for the info - it's definitely transcendental insofar as a piece of music can be in my book - would quite like to have it on wax - would that be an easy thing to acquire??
        If you have ten pounds, yes. There's quite a few for sale at the normal online outlets.
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          I'm not sure the Kennedy came out on vinyl though? I do think, though that this is a case for CDs. Unless you had a real nice copy I think some of the serenity of the lark's ascension may be lost. Don't get me wrong, I'm a vinyl man through and through but occasionally the CD does come into it's own- and this is one of those times.
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            Originally posted by Shere Khan View Post
            I'm not sure the Kennedy came out on vinyl though?
            No, but there are plenty of Boults out there. I find a bit of crackle on a classical record quite evocative, especially the old V-W, but I know where you're coming from.
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              Yes, classical music is so incredibly quiet at times (pianissimo as I believe they say in the biz), you need perfect vinyl copies. Made even more difficult by having long pieces of music, eg. Schoenberg - Verklarte Nacht is about 30 mins long & I have to turn up the volume soooo high to hear it above wind/rain/my breathing

              Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht BPO/Karajan DG 2530 627


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                The Classical, Romantic and quite a lot of the Contemporary periods are well served on vinyl. The mid 20th century had some of the great conductor/orchestra partnerships. (Szell/Cleveland, Toscanini/NBC, Karajan/BPO, Previn/LSO), arguably many of the performances from this time have never been bettered. Where vinyl falls down is in Early, Baroque, and as Shere Khan says above, quieter and more meditative pieces.

                Mike Sondek's list has many recordings from the mid 20th century, and that collection would have been thought of very highly a few decades ago (the Chopin in particular is very strong). It even makes a decent fist of the Bach repertoire - it includes a few recordings on Archiv, which are about as good for Baroque as you'll get on vinyl. (Also for the Early/Baroque vinyl only brigade, David Munrow and Nikolaus Harnoncourt are worth investigating). The stand out weak spot on the list is Handel, poorly represented and pants interpretations - no fault of the buyer, that's what there was a few years back.

                Back on transcendental. Richard Strauss is great, try Metamorphosen (Solti, Karajan, Kempe or Klemperer). Schoenberg's Verklarte Nacht is pretty cool, maybe try the Stokowski. Leopold Stokowski (as well as being the conductor in Fantasia) composed string heavy arrangements of quite a few famous works. The Bach transcriptions are lovely, some of these may well be what you're looking for.

                Ha ha, after a refresh I see the Schoenberg's been mentioned.


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                  I'm pretty much greatest hits where classical is concerned. I like heavy metal classical like Night on a Bare Mountain, In The Hall of the Mountain King, that one in Tchaikovsky´s Romeo and Juliet and Wagner´s helicopter raid music and the Liebestod.
                  Strauss´s Alpine Symphony also hits the spot, and La Mer by Debussy is probably my favourite classical album.

                  Also enjoy interpretations of Heitor Villa Lobos, especially the Bahianas Brasilianas, and Spanish classics like Falla´s El Amor Brujo, Albeniz's Suite Española and Granados Danzas Espanolas for piano. The missus is very fond of Purcell, who I love, and Maria Callas, who drives me up the wall.

                  Last year there was a Spanish documentary about Jose Antonio Abreu´s El Sistema in Venezuela which is perhaps the most uplifting musical documentary I´ve seen for years. It´s called Tierra de Mil Orquestas, but if you don´t speak SPanish theres plenty of other Abreu/Sistema stuff on Youtube, and it seems the system has been adopted all over the UK. My favourites were the profoundly deaf Coro de Manos Blancas (White Hands Choir)



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                    Today the answer is Bartok.

                    Music for Two Pianos and Percussion in particular - John Ogdon and Brenda Russell on HMV is nice and cheap.
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                      Mainly into these for the players Fournier , Kogan, Oistrakh , Rostrapovich and Backhaus.

                      Brahms double concerto

                      Schumann cello concerto

                      Tchaikovsky violin concerto

                      Beethoven Piano Concerto