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  • Questions about Andre Brasseur

    Hi everyone, looking for some help about Andre Brasseur.

    1st, can someone some up what his sound was like?

    2nd, what are his best records to check for?

    Much thanx for the info as usual.

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    He is covered on the main site although it's hard to find stuff at the moment as the search engine seems to be more insterested in the forums. Better access is being sorted out though by hard working Vultures. He's on Volume 6 Page 1.

    I only have 'Tasty' which is a bit early for me. Not funky. Kinda Mod I guess. I'm not sure. My brain has just woken up and doesn't know how to describe music. Not that it's easy to describe music even when it is functioning at its supposed full capability. The other one I have is 'This Is Andre Brasseur' which is fantastic. The a-side is studio recordings with two or three nice cuts. The b-side is like at the 'Pow-Pow Club' (me neither) and it's hella funky. In fact there's a track called 'Funky' on there.

    Definitely go for 'This Is...'. Not sure what it goes for these days but it used to be be pretty cheap. ANd aplogies for my lack of soming up abilities. I'm sure Chris and Sie have done a much better job on the main site.


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      Originally posted by Blighty
      I only have 'Tasty' which is a bit early for me. Not funky. Kinda Mod I guess. I'm not sure.
      'The Kid' off that is a bit of a Northern classic.

      I usual find summat on each LP of his that I like and they are generally cheap - look out for the ultra funky 'Saturnalia' (SP?).
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        Andre Brasseur is great! Nothing like other organ e-z dudes, he's usually way funkier and performs lots of originals. Here's the two I own, besides the This is... which I can also recommend by the way:

        The Golden Organ of Andre Brasseur Vol. 2
        Great organ album. Not near being cheesy, has more in common with library funk. Has some really amazing tracks including a very freaked out track (called Ali) with weird wordless vocals and fuzzy guitar.

        André Brasseur and his Multi-Sound Organ
        From 1981. Really good organ now sound. Starts off with a quite boring cover of Dancing Queen, but gets better and half of the tracks are originals.
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          i cant remember the name of the album,i'll check when im at home,but check for a track called "the duck".ive got several of his lp's i need to listen to them more!
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            It's not all cheesy. Some of it's really good.


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              I'll second the 'Golden organ vol. 2' as being one of the best from him. Some of his 73 / 74 stuff is good too, quite experimental funk stuff - can't remember the names though - one is Locomotive or something. Also Pow Pow is a nice 45 by him to look out for - bit cheesy but good.


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                He got quite heavily into synths in the late 70s, and his 'Experience' LP on RKM is quite nice in a spacey-disco kind of way.

                I'm with Brainbomb on this one, being a fan of European instrumental sounds anyway - Andre's great. His stuff was frequently used by 60s radio DJs as theme music (Noel Edmonds used 'The Kid' on Radio Luxembourg!) but this exposure doesn't seem to have translated into record sales - Andre LP's very rarely turn up round my way, are they really that hard to find, or am I just unlucky?

                I'll swap my spare mono copy of 'Tasty' for a 'This Is.....' if anyone's got one!


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                  Yah - that's the thing - "European instrumental sounds" as opposed to "McGriff, McDuff, Smith, Holmes etc etc" which is jazz.
                  I love listening to a good record with Jimmy Smith, and I've got some McGriff on a comp that's good too...
                  So if it's pure jazz organ you want - you might do best to stay away from Brasseur - but if you (like me) can also dig funky e-z organ instros you can do a lot worse than Brasseur...
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                    Andre Brasseur Hold - Up

                    I've got a few Brasseur albums and there's good tracks on all of them. I particularly like Hold-Up on the aforementioned Tasty album.

                    OK, so it's a bit Benny Hill but it always perks me up.
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                      'Saturnalia' is the best track I've heard from him and I'm still not sure it'd be your cup of tea Hayd. And it's a fair call to urge caution in offering recommendations - it's wrong to assume that we're all into the same sound (that'd be boring too, innit).
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                        I very rarely offer recommendations (except to a few individuals who I know are similarly minded), 'cos I know nobody else likes the stuff I do!


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                          Is he not a racist, or was a racist, or had afiliations with far right organisations?
                          I may be just dreaming this, but Im sure it is true.
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                            some people might like the 45 of saturnus / plik plok

                            personally if find him abit of a boring... organ player (altough he's from my country)


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                              Hello - my first post - I'll be over at the peeps section later today to do a 'proper' intro but anything about my compatriot Brasseur triggers my interest, so I couldn't resist...

                              I'm probably lucky to be located in Belgium where many of his albums are readily available at silly prices on flea markets and such.

                              There are a couple of albums worth getting but as I don't recognize them on the VV Brasseur pages I believe they must be Euro/mainland releases.
                              I'd say his early LPs contain some of his best work but my all time favorite has to be Live At The Locomotive which has a super long and groovy version of Saturnus - much better than the version on the original LP which runs only 3 minutes...
                              Than there's the Golden Organ of AB on Pathé that has some amazing cuts (Ali is the one to look for)... It's easily his rarest and most sought after album.
                              Funky is on a number of collections and another must-have tune - it would go down well with this crowd - a mean slice of Euro organ funk - quite different from the early stuff.

                              His first 7" is totally nuts too - Early Bird Satelite is b/w a version of Special 230 that's different from the LP: the revved up car you hear in the intro is heard throughout the entire track - it comes and goes - a great touch that causes mayhem on the dancefloor !!

                              I'm mainly here because I have load of spares I want to get rid of - I have to get them organised first but I'm sure there're a couple of Brasseurs among them...
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