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    Avin purty weel thorough-like mined th'veins o' prog 'n psyche, Wallace, in desperatioon tae trawl new vinyl terreeam (territory), be forc'd intoa th'extremerly patchy, shonky 'n o' dubioous-value warld o' Library.

    Ah needs sum 'elp here mates.
    Specifickerally-likes : which o' these Library lps mentiooned onna - muckle scant o' infarmatioon - site be recommendit tae sum lummox cummin' frae a PSYCHE vantage? (Or far-oot-mon, spaced electronics.)

    Ah realizers tha' ,in dis sea of Library chaff, its noo likely yer gonna find oiny champion psyche material, but ewen direcktioon towards cheesy psyche on labels lik L'Illustration Musicale,Freesound,de Wolfe etercetera, wud be 'ppreciat'd.

    Seemit, these are th' guid ones:
    Debout/Nilovic- music bazaar
    Claude Engel -99% pop
    Lorgere -Trafic pop
    Arel & Petit -danse & mood music vol 6 (orthers?)
    Supra Pop Impressions
    Eddie Warner - 100 % electronic


    Alser -why issit these library sites be so feckin' lackin' onna infarmatioon front?
    Maist doan even ha' coverarts.
    Feckin' awl doan describe th'predominant music style o' a particoolar Library disc!
    And press amount info would be nice tae 'av at hand as weel. Jist how deevilish rare be sum o' these craithurs?

    Wha's th' average press no. on de Wolfe, etc??

    Wallace be reely up th'gumtree here, sae please ter direct us tuh sum enerlightenment.

    Imparssable assit seems, ah been thru all th'posts on dis site and naebody seems tae 'av arsk'd these most feckin' basic o' library questioons!

    Blinkin' Nora ,an so it is.

    Please dunt ignare dis post!

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    are you drunk!? I couldn't understand half of that.


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      Ive no idea but I refuse to help this guy until he learns how to ask a question in a respectable manner! <- Changed URL


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        Originally posted by sermad
        Ive no idea but I refuse to help this guy until he learns how to ask a question in a respectable manner!
        Ah'm gett-in fair thraiped wi' thee insolence o' tha young mucker Sermad. If ainly he tooketh tha minutes tai lairn 'ow tai comm-un-icate inna polite mannah...
        Club stuff:




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          Aye, he shid be rinnin' hame tae 'is mither's midden, so 'e shood. Ahm watchin' too muchae th' Wicker Man masel.


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            Awright Geezaar!
            Lemme tell yer summat aybit Wickerman.
            Th'Wick be ain brill lick o' celluloid, but whene'er it cum onna telly Wallace 'av ter chynge th'charnel.
            Aye, th'final scene wiv dem Summer Isle paygins at hir Beltane larks, be purty painful ting fer mainy ter eyeball, but its noo tha wic fashes Wallace - it be th' scene wiv tha nude Willow (playit by dis Danen actress - Britt Wots'erdugs).
            Trouble be tha dis 'ere Willow lookit plumb spittin'-image like dis lassie gie Wallace 'alf a gross oy th'clap frae th'bushy Elizerbeth Regina doon atta Auchendoon kittiehoosey (broffel)!
            Tha' cam doon right 'ard on yer defenseless Prince o' Eagles.
            Ah wert gang hame across th'Gorbels whan ah gits th'feckin' Wog an' starts navergatin' th'peaks all a bit wonky on me pins.
            Den, Lord bless it, ah cum upon dis funky oothoose inna middle o' naewhare, surround'd by wasteland 'an tattie dreels. ('An t'were not by vile hogo alane - e'en Blind Freddie cud see t'were oothoose.)

            Sae ah trots in all reliever'd like, and gits doon tae showin' th' brickies cleavage 'an awl, whan it feckin' weel hits me shnoze.

            Paugh! Sum 'eathen sassenach bharstard done gang 'an left a right JUDY in thare!