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Peter Ivers Band with Yolanda Bavan – Knight of the Blue Communion

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  • Peter Ivers Band with Yolanda Bavan – Knight of the Blue Communion

    Anyone on the board rate this album........ I think its a sterling lp, like Mormos jamming with fifty foot hose.
    So many boxes ticked with this one . Instruments through Electronics (an intermodulator no less) Annette Peacockesque femme vox , low end bass and harmonica parping.

    Anyone own the non lp 45 with Asha Puliti?

    Is it any cop

    Audio for your listening pleasure

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    I rate it a lot, got to be in the mood for it though!

    There was a thread about it on Waxi the other day, they seemed divided on it ! -
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      I had the reissue which I bought thinking it was an OG. This annoyed me so much I sold it BUT it's a pretty nice record.
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      Mixes for your delectation:


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        I'm a fan. The thread reminds me that I must revisit it.
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          i remember buying it and being underwhelmed. your review makes me want to dig it out again!