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    I'm currently working on a series of apps for language learners.

    One of the more arcane corners of my research led me to this rather wonderfully spoddy post about the lexis of rap.

    I'd never encountered Rap Stats before, but should you be looking for a window into the changing vernacular of Hip-Hop, that there is your boy.

    How else would you learn that the use of the word DOG peaked around 2001 and has been tailing off ever since?
    Or that HOE had its heyday mid-90s before slumping, whilst BITCH just seems to go from strength to strength.
    To infinity - and beyond!

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    TWERK : from DJ Jubilee to the Daily Mail in 20 years


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      Originally posted by candiman View Post
      TWERK : from DJ Jubilee to the Daily Mail in 20 years
      edit: I should point out that I don't read the Daily Mail, except when I am about to put it in the rabbit hutch (recycling mum's daily read).


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        I saw this on the guardian website. I'm curious about their methodology. Thousands of rap albums were produced during those years, I guess they're only collating the lyrics entered into their site?