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  • Quick brillo alert

    Sorry about this everybody, But A production company just asked Chris if they can hire the Salmon for a day's shooting and guess what date they want? Yup!

    Chris can't turn it down, I've had it happen to my nights down there in the past...

    We can either postpone it to the third Monday of the month or, as is my preference, just have it the next day - Tuesday 10th. I mean it's gonna be a school night anyway, and Chris is fine with that...

    It's also safe to say that having it this Monday is too short notice...
    So a quick poll to see if it should be on Tues 10th just this once or Mon 16th...

    Apologies again...

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    My vote would be the Monday after..... but I'm pretty pleased as I can't make the regular date this month

    Sorry to those who might not be able to make the replacement dates, but I was a bit pissed at not being about next Monday.
    Matt Hero


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      my vote's for the following monday too...
      We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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        Im around the Monday after so my vote goes on the 16th, replacement dates are annoying, but this time it works for me
        working together for better bass and treble


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          monday after is cushty with me too.

          Hey cell there is a copy of rebirth by birthcontrol in wax factor on trafalgar st. Its 7 or 8 quid - which is stupid bargain territory - Ive got 2 so I left it. Mr hero is the mad hammond rock track on there.

          I hit all my old brighton spots today and got a big fat zero! Scope up portslade was having a yard sale - 4 massive crates of records all at 25p yielded nothing!

          Not even the mighty llmod1 could have got anything out of them. *gutted*

          Least it was nice and sunny today  
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            Oh okay, Monday after it is then, hope everyone can last an extra 7 days&#33;


            • #7
              Still can&#39;t make it.
              Back from holiday but have a late meeting.
              Stop wasting your money on records and get a proper hobby.


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                Well it does go on til midnight, Dan. You can&#39;t fit in an hour relax time after a long meeting? Where&#39;s the nerd in you?&#33;?


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                  Cheers for the tip Sermad, I&#39;ve been stressing exams lately so i havent had a chance to go out buying, but i might make an exception for that

                  I know what you are saying about Brighton being dry, apart from the good but expensive soundtrack guy by the station, its pretty much the same stock as when i started uni 2 years ago.

                  Oh and Ewan the 45/odd lp man outside Across The Tracks, (what you think of his stuff?) ive had some nice bits off him at quite nice prices, however not always top condition..
                  working together for better bass and treble


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                    no problem mr c. Its in the krautrock section.

                    Waxfactor is easily the best store for mad rock records - Ive had loads out of there - all by the book but thats better then nothing. Their basement is a bit of a goldmine if you can be arsed - I get the feeling its been dug dry though.

                    The guy outside across the tracks - I always flick through his boxes when Im around but have never bought anything. I much prefer across the tracks - their pricing has taken a whopping hike over the years (their easy selection is a vv goldmine but its a tenner a pop these days. Shaaame.). Recordland was a pile of poo as usual - thats where I used to get my libraries. Waaay back he had boxes and boxes. A right moody b*stard tho&#33;

                    I tried to get out to polegate and lewes today but I was stuck fixing my star wars arcade machine My old man is going apesh*t I havent got rid of it yet. Wants his garage back etc etc.
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                      heh, again i hear ya on Recordland, never had anything bar a Bond St Brigade out of there, and the owner moody he is .. but nothing close to a gentle rain ..

                      i spent a few days going through the basement at Wax Factor about 3 months ago, and everytime i go back i seem to see the same things, same story all over Brighton really .. (that Minnie Ripperton on the wall at Across the Tracks, has been there for 6 months a least)

                      If i&#39;ve got time over the summer (ie. if i get a job or not) i could do a &#39;diggers guide to Brighton&#39; (is there allready another one in the pipeline?)
                      working together for better bass and treble


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                        damn&#33; can&#39;t make that new date as we&#39;ll be in NYC
                        Chops for show, groove for dough.


                        • #13
                          Damn........can&#39;t make the following Monday - I&#39;ll be in LA. Tuesday 10th is good for me.

                          This&#39;ll be the first Lords of the Underground morphing into Fresh Brillo meet that I&#39;ll miss, and we&#39;ve got sooo much to be getting on with&#33;&#33;

                          Anyways, I have 3 tracks ready for the &#39;Black Cabs&#39; comp, which I was going to bring on Monday. Nay bother, for now, I guess.


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                            It&#39;s not too late to change the Brillo date to the next night - Tues 10...

                            ... in true Brillo style&#33; Anyone ever compare us to Dad&#39;s Army?


                            • #15
                              Just in case it matters, I can also do that Tuesday (10th), but I doubt I will be that coherant given that I will have just got back from driving to and from Edinburgh.

                              Not that I&#39;m exactly *ever* very coherent to be honest.
                              Matt Hero