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another vinyl wickerman soundtrack

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  • another vinyl wickerman soundtrack

    from a link on instagram last night I found this

    im not sure why its coming out again as im sure you can still buy it, but the sleeve looks pretty nice.
    postage is £5.50 though!

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    Does it have a longer version of the cave chase funk?????


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      The Richey Beckett cover got me but yeah the shipping is OTT.

      Charging £20 for a record is bad enough but another £5 for postage winds me up. One of my favourite labels is in the habit of doing this now as well. SADFACE.


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        "The first vinyl pressing of The Wicker Man soundtrack with this unique tracklisting..." = the Music On Vinyl version minus the last five tracks.

        Beautiful sleeve, though!


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          well after doing the usual and dithering I finally decide to order, only to find the vinyl has sold out
          Has anyone seen it for sale anywhere else? I kind of presumed it was only for sale though the store on the above link but when I asked them they gave such a vague answer that Im still not sure if its for sale else where.
          Also rather annoyingly the site above is a joke, according to their site all the goods are still available, no indication that the wax is sold out, you can even still try to buy the bundle. How much hard work is it to update the site to say the wax has sold out, having it all still 'look' available is in itself a bad look.


          Just seen they have copies at The Flood Gallery if anyone is in need of this record.
          Postage is very high but I can kind of deal with that being that its from a gallery and not a record shop.
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