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  • Sandy Bull

    Came across a few of his LP's today in NY in a store with no listening post.

    All were around $9.99.

    Don't think I know him but they looked interesting.

    Can anyone recommend any particular titles to look for.


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    I've got a few Sandy Bull albums. They don't come out to play as often as they used to, but for a hit of Sandy, I normally head for Electric Blend off the E Pluribus Unum lp. Inventions is good too. The posthumous Still Valentines Day cd is great, with what I consider quite an eerie atmosphere about it. Generally you can't go wrong. If it was me, I would pick up anything I didn't already have by him. Go get them
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      The E Pluribus LP was definitely there.

      Cheers for the reply!


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        "e pluribus" is great.
        2 track psychedelic blues-folk jam. a trippy listen.
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          Demolitian Derby too.
          All the Wolpertingers


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            The Yin to Fahey's yang (Fahey hated him apparently).

            If they're the Vanguard originals, $9.99 is a steal. Inventions with support from Billy Higgin's drums is a cracker -everything from a 25 minute raga-out to a couple of Bach gavottes to Memphis, Tennessee
            Gosh, golly that was a weird one. Have I got time to go and take some more acid?


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              They are all good - Blend off Fantasias For Guitar And Banjo is great. This is kind of 'focus background music' for me. Put Sandy Bull on when I want to concentrate on something else absorbing. It kind of draws you in and keeps you going.
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